Saturday, June 30, 2012

Matt Gurley Sampler (2010-2012)

Fellow Matt Matt Gurley is a stay-at-home dad who lives with his family and cats in Moore, Oklahoma. He's been a musician for 25 years now and writes and records bad-ass genre-jumpers in his spare time. Think Beck, Ween, and They Might Be Giants, and you get an idea of Matt's musical capabilities. He uses Garageband for Mac to record, a blue Alvarez acoustic, a Fender Stratocaster, an Apollo bass guitar (sans frets), shakers, tambourines, snares, toms, and found sounds.

He's buddies with Aaron Aldridge, another Okie rocker who was featured in my Scrambled Channels post from a few days ago; Aaron's exact words in regard to Matt were "an absolutely astonishing genius musician." See for yourself with these five tracks, as Matt jumps from metal ("In The Frozen Lands," with his buddy and another fellow Matt Matt Mason, performing as "The Knights of Mattonia" - cuz they're both Matts, see), to country ("Oklahoma Weather") to Motown ("Hurt a Guy Like Me," with himself as back-up singers) to komedy kraut-rock ("Fascist Dance Party") with equal parts style and pizzazz. His most recent album, "Love Is So Bright," is sweet'n'shoegazy dreampop that will make you wonder why Matt's not making you pay for it. The final song of Matt's posted here, "Red Orange Yellow," is off that album. Pretty frickin' impressive.

Download: In The Frozen Lands

Download: Oklahoma Weather

Download: Hurt a Guy Like Me

Download: Fascist Dance Party

Download: Red, Orange, Yellow

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scrambled Channels Sampler (2010-2012)

Before I get into today's sounds, a quick note on Croatia's own Doomtown Records, who were featured in yesterday's post. They're also a distro, and here at their Discogs Marketplace Store, you can check out their wares -- a super selection of punk and hardcore seven inches, lps and eps from the U.S. and Europe. Here's there's distro list, current as of 6/22/12, which gives nice descriptions for the items they carry.

Scrambled Channels is one Aaron Aldridge from Tulsa, Oklahoma. When he's not slinging books and comics at the flea, he's writing and recording awesome little lo-fi sci-rock ditties like the three featured here. He uses a Fender Stratocaster, a Korg X-3, Boss drums, Boss recorder, and found sound.

I'd go on about how he's carrying on in the footsteps of '90s lo-fi acts like Guided By Voices, Pavement, zzzzzz -- sorry, I just put myself to sleep. Nobody wants to hear me pontificate - enjoy the tunes, and go over to Big A's bandcamp site and buy an album or three! He says it's okay to drop him a line too, if you'd like: don dot hogleone at gmail dot com.

Several years ago, when we were both living and drinking in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I called up Aaron and asked him what the basic chords were for rock'n'roll songs. I wrote down what he said and for some reason I held on to that scrap of paper.

I still can't play a single chord.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Doomtown Records Sampler (2010-2011)

First, here's a thought-provoking post from my personal favorite music blog, Crud Crud. Scott's blog was one of the first music blogs I ever came across and I'm 100% bummed he's going on hiatus. 50% of that major bummer is because I've been following Crud Crud for years; it is a direct inspiration for Clean, Nice, Quiet. The other half of my bummer is the questions raised by Scott's post regarding the ethics of sharing music without artist or owner consent. Apparently it's a thing to think about due to an NPR segment and a viral response to sed segment from the dude from Cracker.

In regard to my personal collection, I decide on whether or not I'll pay for something based on how much dancing the artist does upon the public's collective paycheck. If I'm downloading free music from P. Diddy, or Shakira, or Mark Knopfler, I'm not going to stay up at night thinking about it. I don't like to curse on CNQ, but seriously: fuck them.

I think a good rule of thumb for anybody is, if the artist you want to download for free makes two or more times a wheelbarrow full of money more than you do, then don't worry about it. If the artist makes as much or less than you do, then throw 'em some cash. If you don't make any money at all, then I think you already know what to do.

As for the music shared here on CNQ, I'll continue to post music that I can't find elsewhere on the Internet, because it's fun and educational for me and you, and good exposure for the artist. (Hey, I'm getting 50 hits a day!) I'll only post a song or two and of course I'll take down anything an artist or owner doesn't want up. I'll also post tunes an artist or label has given me permission to post.

Speaking of which, the friendly folks at Teenage Lobotomy have given permission to share whatever I like from their record label, Doomtown Records. The four albums available on Doomtown's bandcamp site are all righteous Euro-punk sounds. Below is a sampler -- Invest in the sound, when your paycheck permits. I think I'll order the Lets Grow/Jaibo! split 12" next time I get paid.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

York Brothers: "I Want My Baby Back" (1957)

Looks like this 45" was The York Brothers' only Decca single. The A-side, "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby," written by Webb Pierce and Johnny Mathis, is readily available on Youtube -- and yes, it's that Beatles song you're thinking it is. But this down-tempo B-side was written by the York Brothers (Leslie and George) themselves. Not that catchy but entirely listenable, and it looks like the Internet has never heard it. Borrowed from my in-laws' collection.

Download I Want My Baby Back

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lou Gainer: You're The Oil Slick Of My Heart (1981)

This is the B-side to "Lash LaRue," which is a pretty awesome story-song that features some truly bitchin' whip cracks. Unfortunetly, the A-side is scratched and skips in a couple of different places, otherwise I would certainly feature it. Still, "You're The Oil Slick of My Heart" has its country-ballad moments.

"Lou Gainer" was the pseduonym of Carl Gaines, a Dallas native who billed himself as a "writer-peformer crack-whip artist." A Google search of "Lou Gainer Carl Gaines" will bring you to a list of treatments he copyrighted back in the 70s, one of which was about the Monkees. Pretty cool, man!

This was put out on "The Whip Records," which I'm assuming was Gaines' own label, since he was a crack-whip artist and the address provided for Whip Records & Spur-Buckle Pub. Co. -- 3426 Sheldon Ave. in Dallas -- is somebody's house. This 45" was written and produced by Gaines as Gainer and recorded at Huddleston's in Dallas, in 1981. Looks like Johnny Mathis recorded at Huddleston's back in the late 70s. I really wish I could play y'all Lash LaRue, because those whip-cracks in the song are boss. I borrowed this gem from my in-laws' collection.

Download: You're The Oil Slick of My Heart

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carl Carlton: "I Won't Let That Chump Break Your Heart" (1972)

This is the B-side to "Why Don't They Leave Us Alone," which is a cool song too but readily available on Youtube.

Here's Carl's wiki page. I didn't know anything about him when I picked this up from Vintage Freak today for a dollar; I just liked the song title because of the word "chump." It's on Back Beat, a Houston label that operated from 1957 to 1974.

Download: I Won't Let That Chump Break Your Heart

Adam Holtz: "Party Hardy" (1980)

Picked this up today at Vintage Freak over in Bedford. If you live in the area I highly recommend this shop. On top of great and affordable records, they also sell vintage clothes, furniture, and even pinball machines.

This 45" was recorded at Pantego Sound Studio in January, 1980. Pantego Sound Studio is also where Pantera recorded both "Cowboys From Hell" and "Vulgar Display of Power." Cool!

I think this is where Pantego Sound Studio used to be.

The best part of this $1.00 purchase is Adam's sweet star-spangled get-up b/w his bitchin' sideburns, all featured on the front of the sleeve (pictured above). Adam's guttural "YE-AGHH"s, peppered throughout "Party Hardy," are the highlight of the song, which all in all is plain good Texas fun. The B-side of this is a sorta haunting ballad called "The Little Old Lady." I might share it later.

I assume the album it's from is called "Adams Apple," because that's what it says in big print on the record. I found the copyright info for "Party Hardy" and the B-Side. Apparently Adam's full name is Christian Adam Holtz and he was born in 1960.


Download: Party Hardy

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Edith Salcedo: "El Chachacha Del Arpa" (196?)

Edith Salcedo is La Negrita Cariñosa - "the Bold-Loving" - Musical Ambassador of Venezuela. She is still performing music and is still beautiful. There are many videos on Youtube of her performing.

"El Chachacha Del Arpa" is the B-side ("Lado B") of the "Felicidades" 7". Lado A is "La Cancion Del Muchachito," and it is a ballad. I could not find out when this was recorded, but a little googling led me to Senorita Salcedo's blog. I e-mailed her and asked if she remembered what year this was recorded. If she gets back to me, I'll let you know!

I feel especially lucky to own this because it happened to be signed by the Bold Loving Edith Salcedo herself, on the back cover of the 45 sleeve: "To HENRY with pleasure"! I took a picture of it with my phone but it didn't come out good. I need to get my scanner hooked up.

Download: El Chachacha Del Arpa

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mark Chapman Experience: "I Want To Be Around" (199?)

The information on this post is incorrect. For updates and corrections on this post, please see my updated post.

From a 7" put out by Booger Records sometime in the 1990s, this arty freak-out is, believe it or not, the most listenable track out of the four "songs" on the EP.

Here's The Mark Chapman Experience Myspace site; here's a Year Zero Records post that shares another EP of theirs; and here's a Youtube video of a droney piece of their's.

I picked this up at the Half-Price Books in Dallas for $3.00.

Download: I Want To Be Around

Catapult: "Where Is Phil Spector" b/w "S.E.A." (199?)

Catapult was an Albany, New York band who operated in the mid 1990s. This 7" was put out by Rotary Ten, at 73 Wiltshire in Williamsville, NY 14221, which from the Google maps view is a residential with a really nice pool in the back.

The "write us" info on the 7" sleeve lists 140 Terrace Ave. Albany, NY 12203, which also has a pool.

So anyway, "Where Is Phil Spector?" and "S.E.A." are fun dreampop/shoegazey type of 1990s fare. From this archived post at the non-active Burnt Toast blog, you can download Catapult's self-titled 12", which doesn't feature either of the two songs I'm sharing. Also from that site, I learned that one of the two guitars in the band was played by this cat, Sean Dack, who now resides in NYC and keeps a tumblr page.

On this archived page of the Cinnamon Songs blog, you can hear another Catapult tune called "Quarters" from a cassette release(!).

I scored this 7" gem from the Half-Price Books in Dallas for 99 cents plus tax.

Download: Where Is Phil Spector?"

Download: S.E.A.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sting: "Theme From Brat" (1979)

Not the kama sutra, Don't Stand So Close To Me Sting, but the obscure 1970s funk/soul artist Sting. Souldennis at RarePhillySax has already done diligent research on this funky instrumental. As he notes, this is the B side to the "Do It In The Shower" 45". I picked it up at one Half-Price Books or another for $3.00, no sleeve.

Theme From Brat

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dicky Williams: "Fat Girls" (1989)

A funky blues number from a 7" I picked up at one Half-Price Books or another for $3.00, no sleeve, because I liked the song title. Here's a Dicky Williams' bio and discography, and here is his MySpace page.

This song is off 1989's "In Your Face" LP.

Download: Fat Girls

The Rock-afire Explosion: "Do You Love Me (Featuring Beach Bear)" 1981

This is the first Rock-afire Explosion 7", and presented is the superior B Side, "Do You Love Me (Feat. Beach Bear)." We'd watched a cool documentary about the Rock-afire Explosion on streaming Netflix some months ago, and it was still relatively fresh in my mind when I picked up this novelty gem at I think the Half-Price in Bedford (coulda been Irving. Or Garland.) for a dollar. I almost didn't get it but I'm very glad I did. On "Do You Love Me," Beach Bear wails with the intensity of any punk rock vocalista, and judging by his picture on the 7" sleeve, he clearly wants to use your soul as a surf board.

Download: Do You Love Me (Feat. Beach Bear)

The Central Singers: "Joy In The Camp" (196?)

This record originally came from my grandmother's collection; my dad wound up with it and then I wound up with it after that. There's no telling when it was last listened to.

I want to do more than just punk stuff on Clean, Nice, Quiet, while keeping the jams relatively obscure, and this little gospel ditty is about as obscure and not-punk as it gets. The "Joy In The Camp" LP is by The Central Singers of Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas. I'm guessing it was made in the late '60s based on the ladies' hairdos and the guys' sideburns. The title track, the one I'm sharing, was written by gospel singer/songwriter Bill Gaither. It was released by Queen City Album, Inc., a company based in Cincinnati, and originally recorded by Jaggars Audio Productions out of Little Rock. Steve Jaggars' studio also apparently recorded some Arkansas psych bands back then as well, but sold the studio in 1973 to Clyde Snider. Cool history.

Anyway, I like this tune. It's upbeat with a keen folk guitar, and to me has a bit of a Manson Family vibe, but I might just be projecting. There is so much frickin' joy in da camp, y'all! These guys look like they knew how to party, too -- check out the back cover. As for the ladies, I'll take the one with the glasses (low self-esteem).

Joy In The Camp

The Weaklings: "Star Fucker" (1998)

From 1998, off a self-titled blue vinyl LP put out by Junk Records (who operated out of Cypress, CA, but no longer have a web presence) comes a rockin' Stones cover by this Portland, Oregon band. I bought this at ye old Half-Price Books in Dallas sometime last year. If memory serves I got it for $10.

When I first bought this, I did a little research and found that the lead singer, Bradly Battin, liked to cut himself on stage back in the Weaklings' heyday (see album cover), and, more recently, Battin had been awarded something like "Best Person to Drink With" in some Portland Free Weekly reader's poll. However, I can now find nothing regarding either of those two factoids, and I may be spreading awful lies.

If you're interested, the bass player for this album, one Jeff Larson, has a Myspace page for his project, Lucky Thirteens, which features a little EP of garage punk. Looks like all the trax date from 1996. Kinda cool.

I'd originally posted this one last night but something was messed up with the playback AND I caught the end of the previous song in the track, rookie mistake. So here it is again. I think I did it right this time.

Download: Star Fucker

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Nerds: "I'll Kick You In The Balls" (1998)

From 1998, off the Don't Like You 7", on No Name No Logo Records. The Nerds were Italian punks and this song is a humdinger. Here's their discography, up to 2001, at least. From that link, I found that the Nerds are now The Nerds Rock Inferno, and, judging from the jams on their myspace page, are more of a metal act these days. Their own website is under construction, and, oddly, in Japanese. I asked Google to translate the only text on the page for me:

"We are committed, for each under construction, please be careful as the tail. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

I picked this one up for $3.00 at a Half-Price Books, but I don't remember if it was the one in Garland or Watauga.

Download: I'll Kick You In The Balls"

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rotgut: "Quit The World" (199?)

Picked this 7" up for $3 from the Half-Price Books in Dallas. Not much info on these guys from my google search. Put out on Potty Queen Records, 4721 Larchwood Philly, Pa 19143, which if you follow that link you'll see is a nice little 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom townhouse that musta been home to some righteous punkers back in the 1990s.
Anyway, the Quit the World 7" has 3 other cool songs, all rockers, and it looks like there's a few copies of this vinyl floating around on the internet. Don't pay $25 for it though.

Download: Quit The World

Gail & The Fudgepackers: "Head In A Bag" (1988)

I wanted in on the sharing of obscure music fun, a la the fine sites listed to your right on this page, but my collection is relatively limited and it is gol'dang hard to find something that hasn't already been shared by these dedicated individuals who maintain the blogs and sites I follow. But finally, I think I have found one song, at least, that's not available on the internet - and I'm pleased that it happens to be one of my current favorites.

It's from 1988's The World's In Shreds: Volume 1: East Bay, a freaky little ditty by Gail & The Fudgepackers, called "Head In A Bag." I came across the 7" at the Half-Priced Books in Dallas. Picked it up for $3 plus tax. All the songs on this compilation are fun stuff, but "Head In A Bag" is my personal favorite.
The vocalist for the Fudgepackers, Pope Paul Pot, keeps a little history of his musical exploits for posterity, and this is what he says about "Head In A Bag":

"1985 "Head in a Bag" A surreal romp into the mind of a madman. Story is that there was this guy going around San Francisco telling people that he had a human head in a bag. When he was found, it turned out to be just a very fake head. It's rumored that the guy now teaches paper machie sculpture at the Crucible in Oakland."

Also from Pope Paul, here's a history of Gail and The Fudgepackers.

7/7/2012 UPDATE! Paul Pot does a Wednesday Open Mic night at the Missouri Lounge in Berkeley, CA. In my ongoing effort to just bother people, I'm going to get in touch with Paul and just see what's up. I'll be sure to share the results on CNQ! 1/12/2012 UPDATE! I never contacted Paul Pot. I wonder what he's up to.

Download: Head In A Bag