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Dorian: Boite De Nuit (1980)

This 7" is called XXX and is from one of the 45s I picked up in France. From Le Comptoir Du Disque, in Montpellier, for five euros. If you're ever in the area you should check it out - they were friendly and helpful and had lots of records! A quick Google search didn't reveal much at all about Dorian. Cool tune, tho. "Boite De Nuit" means "Nightclub." The flip side, "Frissons D'Autocars" is an instrumental that's not as groovy. Download: Boite De Nuit

Doomtown Records (2012)

More catching up! Our friends at Doomtown Records got with me in late July about their new releases. Here's a choice cut: Window Shop For Love by WarsongYou can also check out their merch at Doomtown Record's Discogs Page.

The Mark Chapman Experience: "I Want To Be Around" (Booger Records, 1991)

Hello, all you Clean, Nice, Quiet people! I've been on a wonderful, Griswold-esque European honeymoon but I'm glad to be back in hot-ass Texas. Got a ton of stuff to share, including a nice handful of French punk/new wave 45s. But first things first -- some corrections! Back in June, I'd shared a song by The Mark Chapman Experience called "I Want To Be Around," along with some links to what I thought were other songs by the same band. As it turns out, the links were to another band, called "Thee" Mark Chapman Experience, and the song I posted was on the wrong speed! To be fair, Robert Walsh from "The" Mark Chapman Experience said he thought it actually sounded better that way, but in the interest of historical accuracy I'm re-posting it at the correct speed of 33-1/3 RPMs. Robert from "The" Mark Chapman Experience also gave me the low-down on this 7" and it's some pretty interesting Texas music history, to w…