Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Flesch: "Freaky Love" (1977)

Okay, starting with just what's on the disc, as I got it sans sleeve:

On Big Tree Records (BT16089), written by Albert Eatmon and Flesch. Produced by Huey Meaux's Sugar Hill Studio in Houston. Published by Crazy Cajun Music, distributed by Atlantic Recording Corp. A promotional copy.

Here's another song Albert Eatmon wrote:

I couldn't find out anything about Flesch. If anybody out there knows anything about Flesch, please e-mail me and give me the 4-1-1.

Freaky Love

Download Freaky Love

I love this hobby. When I picked this 45 up from the Half-Price Books in Dallas earlier this year, I only did so because it was titled "Freaky Love" and it was $3.00. Now, after an hour's worth of internet research, I know a little about that cat Albert Eatmon; a wikipedia's entry worth on producer (and convicted sex offender) Huey P. Meaux; and the historic Sugar Hill Recording Studio of Houston (whose current President and CEO is Dan Workman, who was in Culturcide, which oddly enough I only just became aware of last night after a reference to them on the music blog Cheap Rewards). Boss!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sophie du Pac: Fifi Brindacier/Comme Les Grandes (1971)

Check this out. Sophie Du Pac may have starred in a French television show called "Fifi Brindacier" in the late 60s/early 70s, but I can't find any reference to it on l'internets. Fifi Brindacier (Brindacier translates as "Steelwisps") is the French version of Pipi Longstockings, that much is for sure.

Little Sophie was in a movie called "Cry of the Cormorans," according to IMDB.

Other than that, all I could come up with is this little gem was arranged by French conductor, arranger and saxophonist Armand Migiani, who also has a Decca release called Sex-O-Rama under his belt. The words to Fifi were written by Astrid Lindgren, the creator of Pipi Longstocking. This French music site has the words to Fifi Brindacier. The Google translation is pretty funny. "Have you seen my monkey?" and "Must trust Fifi!" stand out. The B-Side, "Comme Les Grandes," was written by a Bob du Pac and Andre Tissot. I assume Bob was little Sophie's pop. I think the B-side is a better jam.

You can get this 45, put out by Vogue International Industries, on the internet, but be warned it comes at a price! Which is good news for me if I ever want to sell it. Groove Collector and CD and LP both have it at 49 Euros, Gemm.com has it at $126 in VG+(!). I got this for 2 or 3 Euros!

Fifi Brindacier

Download Fifi Brindacier

Comme Les Grandes

Download Comme Les Grandes

Friday, November 23, 2012

Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra: Lure of the Tropics (Columbia Masterworks A-1099, 1955)

For Christmas I hope to get some serious record cleaning stuff, but until then, please enjoy the snaps, crackles and pops on this lovely piece of exotica.

Here's the wikipedia entry on Andre Kostelanetz, "one of the pioneers of easy listening music." Very interesting music history.

There musta originally been three 7" discs included with this sleeve but I only have two. Presented are all the songs on my copy that don't skip. I picked this up at Vintage Freak over in Hurst for a nominal fee. Totally worth whatever I paid for it - probably under $5.00.

The Moon of Manakoora

Download The Moon of Manakoora">The Moon of Manakoora

Kashimiri Song

Download Kashmiri Song


Download Malaguena


Download Poinciana

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coleman Hawkins All Stars with Django Reinhardt RCA 7EG8393 (1958)

I got this in Paris for ten euros, but no amount of real money will get me to part with it now. 45cat's entry for this 7" sez it was put out in 1958, and the back cover sez it was recorded in Paris, April 28, 1937.

Aside from it being the greatest tenor sax and the greatest jazz guitarist of all time, the All Stars were an impressive bunch themselves: Benny Carter, Andre Ekyan, Alix Combelle, Stephane Grappelly, Eugene d'Hellemes, and Tommy Benford on drums.

Here, somebody has it up for sale on eBay.

Download Honesuckle Rose

Download Crazy Rhythm

Download Out of Nowhere

Download Sweet Georgia Brown

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zero Tolerance: "Resistance" (2000)

From Zero Tolerance's "Drugs Runner" 45", put out by France's Combat Rock in 2000.  I picked this up in Montpilier, France, for ten euros.  Solid punk rock from London.

Here's an interview with Clara from the band.

Download: Resistance

Golden Gate Quartet: Negro Spirituals (1959)

Bonjour, Clean, Nice, Quieteers! Here's a 45 I picked up in Paris for a Euro.  This was made in France by Concert Hall, and is four cuts from the LP of the same name.

Here's the wiki page for the Golden Gate Quartet.

"Go Where I Send Thee" and "When The Moon Goes Down" are both pretty awesome.  Enjoy!

Where I Send Thee

Download: Go Where I Send Thee

Download: When The Moon Goes Down"