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Adam Holtz Part Tres!

One of my earliest posts, in June of last year, was a 45" from 1980 I picked up on a lark by one side-burned, star spangled bell-bottomed Adam Holtz (hey, it was 1980!). Adam came across the post on ye olde internet and contacted me, and we got to talking on e-mail. He's a real cool dude, and still rockin' after all these years. He sent me a CD of his stuff, which lead to another post in July, featuring some of his more recent jams. I'd taken down the mp3 links on both those posts, as I do with all my older posts once my google page's music cabinet gets too full, but Adam's got a lotta fans and brings sweet, sweet traffic to my humble little site, so I'm gonna repost 'em here and keep 'em up in perpetuity, along with some even newer jams that Adam was nice enough to send me, from a compilation of tunes from 2006-2012. The new stuff is solid classic type rock'n'roll peppered with Adam's knack for really pretty love ballads. …