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Lucky 7 to Start the Week: New Lo-Fi, Loud Punk, Live Rockin', and One Argentinian Freak-Out

I'll start out with a longer one than usual, but I like this song. Frodus was a DC band that operated from 1993-1999, and rose again in 2009-2010. They played mathy hardcore. This is from a live show at the Black Cat Club in DC, I think in '99: Live at Black Cat (The Conglomerate Begins To Fade 04/29/1999) by frodusPhilly's Doom Whore sounds pretty cool. This was put out in March 2014: House Fire Blues by Doom WhoreInteresting freak-out, from Argentina. Maybe a little Man Man-ish, and in Spanish: HOSCO by HoscoHardcore from Portland. These guys have a cassette demo you can order for $5: Demo 2015 by Pressing OnPer the band's bandcamp page, this was recorded in one of their grandma's garage back in '07, I think the guitarist Sean, who is now in a band called Cumstain. I love it. The Bipolars by The BipolarsDahmer Blues (Gimme Head) by Cumstain!I think this is from Japan? It's cool: demo - sexy juice by Big Kuzz

New Punk Vinyl from Bandcamp

Hell yes, brand new noisy, psychy garage-gaze from England: Black Time - Aerial Gobs Of Love (LJUD1201) by Black TimeMore fun stuff from Sweden and the Berlin label Brain Traps: IMPO & THE TENTS - Peek After A Poke by IMPO & THE TENTSAlso from Brain Traps is this band from Cologne, Germany: BRAIN TRAPS - Teen Trash Series Vol. III by BRAIN TRAPSTwo fun punk tracks off a 7" compilation of Twin Cities rockers: Hello Der- Twin Cities Hard Core by Slurred VisionHello From Minneapolis - Twin Cities Hard Core by Rabid RabbitFrom New Orleans: We Are The (United) Scarecrow Sonic Boombox by Scarecrow Sonic BoomboxInspiring stuff from San Fran: It's Fine by Butt Problems

Internet Blaster

Two weeks after I began my ambitious new money making scheme, a blog for strictly new music, "Ear Baby," I am tonight shutting it down and going back to strictly CNQ for my 45 RPM posts and new stuff I come across on the Internet. Trying to figure out how to turn a dime on a music blog wasn't fun to think about. CNQ is fun because it's my hobby. Not the first project I began abruptly and ended just as quick - not the last. In the meantime expect more of what you've come to expect from CNQ - quick mixes of new music for my work desk, and obscure 45s of various quality I come across, all posted when I feel like it. So here's the new stuff I've shared on Ear Baby in the past couple of weeks, in case you missed it. I'm not dedicated enough to go back in and put in the hyperlinks to the labels and whatnot I'd linked to in the Ear Baby posts, so just imagine they're there. Two new hardcore tracks from Brisbane's Naked Noise Records. The l…