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New Sounds.

Austinite Mirage512 and his frequent producer Trill Gates have teamed up with a cat named Side Effect; the result is solid conscious rap and a powerful video: Courtesy I Heart Noise and Boston Hassle: Boston Hassle Listening Party - May 22, 2015 by I Heart NoiseCool, weirdo Swedish indie-pop from Shallow Shit Records: Paradise In Progress by Piglet OutletLondon psych, I like this a lot: From LA and Recess Records: The People Are Home by The Underground Railroad to CandylandA tribute to Spazz from Edinburgh's Mindripper Collective. Per Wikipedia, Spazz was an influential powerviolence band from California during the 90s. I didn't even know powerviolence was a thing in the 1990s, and I lived all of them, more or less. I think I woulda identified this stuff as "crust punk" back then. Anyway, listen to this whole thing if you're into this wild heavy metal/punk hybrid stuff they call grindcore/powerviolence/crust/etc.... Spazzin To The Oldies - A Tribute To S…

New Rockers From Around The World; Alternate Title: World-Rockin'

Let's get caught up with new releases from the past month-plus and then later this week I have some old 45s I want to share. Nu-gaze from Australia: Contrast - Sidewalk 7" by ContrastMore nu-gaze from Rome: This Astro EP by La Casa al MareThis was on Stereogum already but it's cool and just in case you haven't heard it, "grunge-pop" from St. Petersburg: Weirdo punk from London: Ordered Image by Perspex FleshLo-fi folk-rock from Dublin: Lo-fi indie rock from Sweden: Ms. Moonlet by Dog, Paper, SubmarineHC from a 7" split with Poison Idea, courtesy Sweden's Just 4 Fun Records: POISON IDEA / RÖVSVETT - split EP by POISON IDEA / RÖVSVETTOver on their bandcamp page, I Heart Noise has a great 100 song retrospective featuring their faves from the past five years. Highly recommended: 2010-2014: A Retrospective by I Heart NoiseBest for last: