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CNQ26: Top 25 Songs of 2016 Countdown!

Golly Bob-Howdy, it's CNQ26, which doubles as CNQ's first ever countdown show! It's an hour and 40 minute Top 25 Countdown, featuring my favorite new tracks from this year's 25 previous episodes. Crank it up so loud you get dizzy, vomit, and break your glasses. Then go support the artists and labels who put these songs out! You'll hear Mirage512, Violence Creeps, Total Abuse, Threat.Meet.Protocol, Thin Skin, Jævndøgn, Joseph Tonelli, Dead Gakkahs, Chelsey and the Noise, The Bordellos, Dog, Paper, Submarine, Jesus Chris and the Beetles, GAR GAR, the Martians, Bummers Eve, Boys Age, Swimsuit Addition, Nails, Pale Kids, Single Mothers, Thug Mills, Jef Elise Barbara, Doctor Nod, and Krankjorum!   You can stream and download the show on itunes, any podcast app, as well as mixcloud, or listen directly here on the blog. 
Track list will be posted after the first of the year. What's the point of a countdown show if you know what's going to be first?

1/21/17 Update…