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An hour's worth of new punk and rock'n'roll, 60s country, 80s vinyl obscurities and teen pop, 70s latin soul, me popping "p's," and more. CNQ secrets: listen close and you can hear the dryer and SVU in the background. Listen here or stream/download on iTunes, mixcloud, or any fine podcast app.

C.A.P.: ”Making America Hate Again” (Making America Hate Again, 2017) Dead Cross: “Grave Slave” (Dead Cross, Ipecac Recordings, out August 4, 2017)   Trixie Mattel: “Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again” (Two Birds, 2017) Homer Henderson and the Dalworthington Garden Boys: “Lee Harvey Was A Friend of Mine” (Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine / Hawaiian Ungawa 7”, Mule Nose, 1985) Jim and Louise: “Johnson’s Old Grey Mule” (Big “D” Jamboree, Live Direct from the Stage of Ed McLemore’s Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas, Starday Records, 1963) Buck Owens: “Wham Bam” (I’ve Got a Tiger By The Tail, Capitol Records, 1965) Linda Voss: “Gentle Rain” (Kevin Kosub/Linda Voss 7” split, Kev…

Mixcloud Faves

I'm hoping to get CNQ32, the latest podcast episode version thing of my little blog here, out this weekend. I sed the same thing around this time last month, but hey, Fallout 4 happens. In the meantime you should get on Mixcloud and listen to and follow these great shows: The KUAF Vinyl Hour: Based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas, the KUAF Vinyl Hour is a weekly music program, featuring your hosts Pete and Leigh, playing and discussing musical selections from various local co-hosts' record collections. From metal to classical, reggae to country - it's all kinds of music, but it's all on vinyl. Quite Trill Radio: The trillest hip-hop show, put out by Texas rapper Mirage, formerly based out of Austin but now out of Dallas. Consistently one of the best podcasts I listen to. Futures and Pasts Radio: Post-punk radio show with Erika Elizabeth, live every Thursday night from 8-10pm PST at 90.3FM in N/NE Portland, or worldwide at Dynamite Hemorrhage