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So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

I've been on a Friends kick lately. I'm always on a Frasier kick, as that's my favorite old familiar sitcom to watch as I go to sleep. My tier of old familiar sitcoms on streaming goes: 1. Frasier2. Seinfeld3. Golden Girls4. Friends5. King of QueensI don't have a desire to watch old Simpsons or old South Park episodes, even though I think they're good shows. If they're on I'll watch them but I don't queue them up. Seinfeld was my favorite sitcom for a long time, but has been replaced by Frasier. Golden Girls is as funny as both and probably the best show of the three, or maybe tied with Frasier, but I like what I like. King of Queens isn't on streaming but it is on syndication so I watch a lot of it when I travel. I didn't watch the show on first run so there's a lot of episodes I have not seen, but I always get a chuckle out of them. And it's hard for me to tire of watching Leah Remini. If I had to choose between you and Leah Remin…