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New Punk from Bandcamp

I am absolutely frustrated with my inability to get my levels correct on the podcast. I futzed with 'em for a full hour tonight before giving up. Anyway, here's a song off a cassette release called N/A 14-17 put out in October by London's USA Nails. It's "A COLLECTION OF DEMOS, B-SIDES, LIVE SESSIONS AND LEFTOVERS FROM 2014-2017." I'm into it: N/A 14-17 by USA NailsFrom Australia, this is the last song off a $25 vinyl record you can get from Melbourne's Homeless Records. Dynamite Hemorrhage played the first song, "I'm Not A Loser" on a recent show: Big Attraction & Giddy Up by Amyl And The SniffersFrom Ann Arbor, off a 7" split released in September: Split w/ No/Breaks by RotoKiller & No/Breaks