Friday, January 17, 2020

New From Bandcamp: Two New Instrumental Albums -- Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio from Sweden and Boys Age from Japan; and a new psych-pop single from Nomadic Homes from Nova Scotia

A few years back Kale Ogle of Doctor Nod fame was nice enough to design some sweet ass headers and icons for CNQ, really cool collage stuff that Kale is good at. His designs have been the face of CNQ on Facebook and e-mails for a few years now, but a while back I opted for a change on the CNQ blog header with some found public domain art. Tonight I did a full overhaul, channeling 14 year old Matt for some notebook drawings that's in keeping with Kale's back to basics approach with his hand-cut montages, but by me because I'm a creative type and like change but also lazy and hand drawn on notebook paper felt right. I think what I came up with is funny. Who gives a shit one way or the other tho -- let's rock:

CNQ fave Martin Månsson Sjöstrand of Dog Paper Submarine and This Heel is back with the Martin Månsson Sjöstrand Trio, and a nine song digital album called "Universum Faller." My dad taught me there's something special about a three man band. Excellent instrumental prog-surf, the Swedish trio's first album in six years is available for pay-what-thou-wilt on Bandcamp, and absolutely worth paying for (as is anything and everything Martin Månsson Sjöstrand is part of, he's a real talent). And speaking of montages, check out the cover art for "Universum Faller," too cool:

Dedicated CNQ-ers know I'm also a big fan of Boys Age from Japan. Here's another new instrumental album, 6 songs, $2.50 for a digital download. Speaking of cover art, I always love Boys Age cover art. I wonder if he does it himself.

Groovy new psych-pop single from Nova Scotia's Nomadic Homes, $1 CAN:

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Two New Lo-Fi Punk Releases: Alien Nosejob from New Zealand and Dead Ghost from Canada

Got some new Adam Holtz coming up.

This year, instead of doing New Year's Resolutions that I'm never going to keep up with all year, I'm doing micro-resolutions month to month, and allowing myself to fail and get back up again, instead of, if I mess up, just scrapping the whole resolution. So far it's worked well and I recommend it.

Keeping up with CNQ more was not one of my micro-resolutions. For the one or two of you who read these posts, I'm a broken record, I know. I say "I post when I feel like it and don't do reviews" quite a bit. I'll put it in the blog description and maybe that will help me remember to talk about something else every once in a while. But yeah, as soon as I feel like I have to do this (or anything), I immediately do not want to do it anymore.

Meanwhile, artists and bands, feel free to send me your tunes, I'll happily listen, and if I like it, I'll share a song and a link and probably talk about it a little. But I'm not a music critic, just a fan, and I generally don't do reviews. Occasionally I'll break that rule, but in general that's how CNQ operates.

So let's see what's going on with some Bandcamp e-mail updates. Geeze, I get a lot of these.

Burger Records sent a link to Shindig! Magazine's premiere of Dead Ghosts' new video for a song called "Drugstore Supplies," off their new album "Automatic Changer," due out April 24. I liked Dead Ghosts' "Can't Get No," which came out in 2015, and I like Burger Records. Shindig's a neat magazine and I wasn't aware of their web presence until I got that Burger Records e-mail update. I listened to about half this 3 and a half minute song and I'm like, ya know, this is the same garage rock that every Burger Records release sounds like. It's fine, but frankly I'm a little bored by the formula.

Holy mackerel, I think I just did a critical review. But what do I know? I can only strum three chords. Here's the video. Like I said, the song is fine. But it sounds like so much of what Burger Records puts out, and stuff that sounds like what Burger Records puts out, that I can't really get excited about it:

The Youtube video on the Burger Records channel has 29 thumbs up and no thumbs down as of 9:47pm on 1/16/2020. I've always wondered what kind of asshole thumbs downs a video. I'm not gonna be that guy. If there was a "meh" icon I'd click it, maybe.

The Ausmuteants' Jake Robertson has a new solo album, "Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud," out on Anti-Fade Records (in Australia) and Drunken Sailor (in the UK). The solo project is called Alien Nosejob, and I love it. I'm pre-disposed to the "Devo-core" sound of Ausmuteants much more than I am the surfy garage sound of Burger Records releases, but it's not like Robertson is just re-making Devo songs. He's using that sound as a jumping off point to make some inventive, highly listenable, synthy garage-pop/off-kilter rock'n'roll that is worth purchasing so you can be cool and own it, and he can continue to do it. You can get it on black vinyl (red sold out already) from Anti-Fade for $25 AUS dollars, and from Drunken Sailor for a little cheaper -- shipping to the US is cheaper via Drunken Sailor too. Both sites have it available for $12 to dl digital via Bandcamp. Great album:

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Your First Purchase for 2020: Timmy Trampeater: "Any Rubbish Will Do"

Author, historian, and Professor of History at Boston College Heather Cox Richardson is doing excellent work with her daily series, Letters From An American, and I recommend everyone subscribe to her daily e-newsletter, or follow her on social media. I found out about her on Facebook.

I was going to do Part 2 of my best of the decade but Jesus, who gives a shit. Let's look forward instead.

I'm aiming to use Fantasy Grounds on Steam to play some 5e D&D with a couple of buddies, and meanwhile looking for a game I can get in on, maybe every other weekend, or once a month, as a player character. On the off-chance a reader here is interested, HMU -- matt at clean nice quiet dot com.

I got a new computer keyboard for Christmas and I'm just a-klack klack klackin' away, lovin' it. But like I sed, who gives a shit, let's rock! I recently got a new cassette player component for my stereo so I'm back in the cassette game.

For your first musical purchase of 2020, I recommend, from Viral Age Records, Any Rubbish Will Do, by Timmy Trampeater. Seems both artist and label are from Nottingham, UK. Any Rubbish Will Do is limited to 50 copies on yellow cassette. 20 songs, all under a minute. Stripped down electric folk punk, nothing but electric guitar and vox. Released on December 29, 2019. Funny little ditties -- interesting choice to not do this with an acoustic guitar. $5 and change USD + $5 and change USD shipping, and you can pay what you will for the digital.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Best Songs and Other Best Things of the Decade Pt. 1

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, etc. The end of a decade! Time starts to snowball towards the inevitable, whatever that may be. I figure I'll give you CNQ's best of the decade while I wait for Fallout 76 to download. Best game of the decade: Fallout 4. Best book of the decade: I don't read new fiction, but thinking about the books I read in the 2010s, I can count them on one hand because I'm such a poor, slow reader. Don't judge me for being a dummy.

I read The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester early on in the decade and I thought it was great. After that I read some modern fiction zombie book I saw recommended on the back of a "The Walking Dead" comic and it was ok. After that I'm not sure I read anything for a year or two until I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time. I really liked it. Especially Tom Bombadil.

It took me like two years to read Dracula, which in the end I didn't enjoy that much. I read a couple of Conan stories for the first time, "Red Nails" and "Beyond the Black River," and they were both great. I'm in the middle of another one again, "The Jewels of Gwahlur," and it's been good so far but I'm only a few pages into it.

Best movies of the decade: I don't keep up enough to have a super-informed opinion, but I did see more movies this decade than I read books, for what that's worth. Of what I saw, I'd say Fury Road was my favorite movie of the decade. I liked I, Tonya a lot, and I think of scenes from Looper quite a bit. Hereditary fucked me up when I saw it, I haven't been able to watch scary movies since. The scene in Toy Story 3 with Big Baby sitting by himself on the swing at night, looking up at the moon, defined me as a person. There's a ton of stuff I never saw. Of the Star Wars movies my favorites were Rogue One and Solo. I'm pretty sick of super-hero movies. None of 'em hold up that much. At least from this decade.

TV-wise, I dunno man, Big Mouth was funny. Was the meth drama this decade? We watched all of those, they were good. Wouldn't watch again. As much as I like sci-fi, I stopped watching Black Mirror after the first or second season. But there's some episodes I still think about it from it. Key and Peele produced some classic skits, and my fave is hands down "Prepared for Terries":

Music-wise, let's start with 2010:

2011. This is from 2006 but I first heard it on, probably in or around 2011. Great cover:

2012: Nothing sums up the Mayan Apocalypse like Girl Talk's All Day:

Or White Lung's Sorry:

Up to this point I've just been looking at what I downloaded on iTunes by year. SI downloaded nothing on iTunes in 2013, I guess by that point I was doing CNQ and getting into Bandcamp. This song is from 2008, but I first discovered it in 2013:

Big Freedia became a big deal for us in 2013, and I loved both of these songs:

It's late so I'll pick up from 2013 next post.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Couple of Post-Punk/Metal Bands From Washington State

It's chilly in Texas in late November, 2019. I love the tactile feel of typing. The way the tips of my fingers mash down hard on the keys on the keyboard. I like it when I get going fast, spewing out a stream of consciousness, ignoring misspelled words like consciousness with a squiggly red line underneath it.

Let's see what's happening on the Bandcamp. From searching the Punk New Arrivals, as I do:

Novopain is gothy Joy Division-esque post-punk from Washington State, $6 for their 6 song EP. Into it:

From Portland, how about this 8 song amalgam of hc and crust punk, and metal. $5 for an 8 song digital dl. Pretty badass: