Sunday, February 19, 2017


About an hour of new rock'n'roll and more. Plus me struggling with my mic levels and popping 'p's. Lo-fi bo-bo podcast for the messes...also available for streaming and/or download on itunes, mixcloud, various podcast apps, and directly from the CNQ blog.

The Bordellos: “I’m A Man (version 1)” (The Bordellos Underground Tape Vol. 5, 2017)
The Paranoyds: “Bear” (Eat Their Own, 2016)
Shit Present: “House (Breakdown)” (Misery+Disaster, Specialist Subject Records, 2016)
Clara Engel: “A Cold Storm Crawls Inside” (Arctic Poppies, 2017)
Damien Youth: “Black Feather” (The Missing Company Demos, 2017)
Madd Blake y los Stalins: “Mi Novia Es Un Zombi” (Primitivo!, 2016)
Spud and the Blood: “Easy Cynic” (Spud and the Blood, Abnormal Broadcasting, 2017)
Bib: “The Face” (The Face, Self-Released Tour Tape, 2017)
Chocolate Milk: “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Thing” (Actions Speak Louder Than Words/Ain’t Nothin’ But A Thing 7”, RCA Victor, 1975)
Jack Hardy: “They Were Melting” (For The Sake of Finding Your Clothes, Custom Made Music, 2016)
Idiota Civilizzato: “Perverso” (La Vita Silenziosa, Static Shock Records, 2017)
Alejandro Escovedo: “Shave The Cat” (Burn Something Beautiful, Fantasy, 2016)
Fuzzsucker: “Glam Trouble” (Naughty, 2016)
Big Youth: “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” (Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 7”, Trojan Records, 1975)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

OSR Tapes

I only recently learned about OSR Tapes, a New York based non-profit label that's been putting out cool lo-fi, avant garde type of rock'n'roll since 2007, and no sooner had I learned about them than I learned they were closing. You can currently get the OSR digital catalog on bandcamp for $25 -- or order cassettes and albums from their webpage They're shipping through June 17 and then that's it, so check em out while they're still around. Here's a sampling of the catalog, go over to the OSR bandcamp page and delve deeper.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

CNQ27: One Year Anniversary Show

An hour and 18 minute show! Rock'n'roll and more:

Gil Scott-Heron: “Storm Music” (Reflections, Arista Records, 1981)
Doctor Nod: “I’m the Creator” (I Know It’s True, 2017)
Last Remaining Pinnacle: “To Dream” (To Dream/What’s Your Sign, Custom Made Music, 2017)
Al Marantz : “Lipsmacker Kisses” (Forgotten Devices, OSR Tapes, 2015)
Merit Badge: “Numbers” (Numbers/Waves, 2016)
Adam Holtz: “Good Rockin’ Music” (Volume 22, copyright Adam Holtz, 2017)
Jim Shorts: “Omega Undone” (Eternal, 2016)
Damien Youth: “Crying Room” (The Man Who Invented God, 1991)
Paris Obscur: “Ne M’Oublie Pas” (The King, 2017)
Dot Dash: “The Infinite” (5/5/5 Digital EP, Last Day Deaf Webzine, 2016)
Vukovar: “Masterpiece” (Voyeurism, Small Bear Records, 2016)
Piglet Outlet: “Eternal Flame” (digital single from Shallow Shit Records, 2016)
Respect Tha God: “Shake It Up” (Work Ethic, Creative Juices Records, 2017)
Run The Jewels: “Stay Gold” (Run The Jewels 3, Run The Jewels, Inc., RED Distribution (a division of Sony), 2017)
Madd Blake y Los Stalins: “Sheena Es Una Cocadicta” (Primitivo!, 2017)
Mom Jeans: “Mesh Shirt” (Chub Rub, Pecan Crazy Records, 2016)
Shudder To Think: “X-French Tee Shirt” (Pony Express Record, Epic Records, 1994)
Parlet: “Huff-n-Puff “ (Invasion of the Booty Snatchers, Casablanca Records, 1979)

T’Pau: “Heart and Soul” (T’Pau, Virgin Records, 1987)

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I Listened To Today

This is the first track off a new digital album called "Work Ethic" by Respect the God, out of Brooklyn, put out on Creative Juices Music. 16 tracks of more or less solid hip-hop, with a few skits. Shake It Up is a rad single:

This is the lead track off Damien Youth's 2011 10 song album The Citizen, also available on bandcamp as a digital album. Lo-fi freak-folk from New Orleans. Damien Youth's been at this a while, check out his catalog on bandcamp if you dig this:

New from the UK, "Twitch" by James Kruman is an interesting album in the same lo-fi/bedroom psych/freak-folk vein as Damien Youth. Put out back in December, "Twitch" is a 10 song album you can buy digital or on CD:

Usually I don't go in for anything that sounds like Social Distortion, but I wound up listening to all 8 songs on "Verne" today, by New Zealand's Liberated Squid, and hey, I enjoyed it. Besides "The Spirit of a Union Man," stand-out tracks were "Gabba Gabba Hey (Pinhead mix)" and "Verne's A Cunt." Believe it or not it's clever, fun stuff. Digital album is available on bandcamp for pay what thou wilt: