Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Guided By Voices: Vampire On Titus/Propeller

I was a 17 year old high school drop out when I first heard the Scat release that was the combo of Vampire on Titus and Propeller. I was stoned and confounded, and dumb all the time besides. I would listen to it late night after getting high. I'd dial up the AOL in the dark, put the CD on my Discman. 

I was so blown away by the whole thing. 

Being 17 and stoned and grokking the whole album.  

Sunday, October 4, 2020

CNQ Top 20 Sunday Countdown

20. Proto Idiot: “Difficult Questions” (Fub, Rigmarole Records, 2020) 19. Shanique Marie: “Freak” (2020) 18. Máscaras: “Braidwaves” (El Morán, 2017) 17. This Heel: “Cave Crickets” (Cave Crickets, 2020) 16. Salem Trials: “Head On Rong” (Metal Postcard Records, 2020) 15. Tall Black Guy Productions: “Gimme Mine feat. 80s Babies” (Restless As We Are, 2020) 14. Harmonica Lewinski: “Poison Pill” (Human BBQ, 2020) 13. Coffin Club: “Rain” (Nowhere Nowhere, 2020) 12. You Will Flood The River: “Evil Frank Is Dead” (Metal Postcard Records, 2020) 11. Damu the Fudgemunk, Archie Shepp and Raw Poetic: “Learning To Breathe (Album Version)” (Ocean Bridges, Redefinition Records, 2020) 10. Sparkle Division: “Oh Henry!” (To Feel Embraced, Temporary Residence Ltd., 2020) 09. Science Man: “That Shadow” (Match Game, Swimming Faith Records, 2020) 08. Liiek: “Waterfall” (s/t, Adagio830, 2020) 07. Big $ilky: “Baby Shower” (Big $ilky Vol. 1, 2020) 06. The Men: “Cool Water” (Mercy, Sacred Bones Records, 2020) 05. Yuvees: “Yr Not Invited” (Human Dance, 2020) 04. Santa Sprees: “Getting Married All The Time” (Sum Total of Insolent Blank, 2020) 03. Brian Bordello: “So Sad” (King of No-Fi, Metal Postcard Records, 2020) 02. Brandy: “(Wish You Was) Madball Baby” (The Gift of Repetition, Total Punk Records, 2020) 01. Night Shop: “Waiting” (The Fountain, Salinas Records, 2020)

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Singles Night: Shanique Marie (Kingston, Jamaica) and Moon Hooch (Brooklyn, NY)

Shanique Marie, cool single and the instrumental dub I guess b-side from Kingston, Jamaica:

Moon Hooch -- a skronk single from Brooklyn:

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Montagne and PGP

"Black Waterfall" by Montagne is 6 tracks of sludgy/doomy/post-metal from Paris, France. It will be available on vinyl mid-October, but you can listen and pay what thou wilt on their Bandcamp page. Certainly worth a listen if you're into heaviosity or French metal in general:

PGP is two brothers, Everett and Aaron Parks, and their new album "PGP Goes Punk" is available streaming, and the 9 and a half minute EP can be heard here in this video as well. Worth a listen if you're into pop-punk:

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Harmonica Lewinski and Billy Dunz's "Mr. Disco Pants"

Harmonica Lewinski is from Rochester, NY. A great band name and the video for their song "What's Behind the Veil" is the f'n s.

"What's Behind The Veil" is off their 10" "Human BBQ," physical copies still available on Bandcamp. Human BBQ was released back in April, 9 tracks, a little over 20 minutes of weirdo lo-fi surf-and-psych-tinged garage rock...highly recommended, and looks to be their first release since 2018.

This great Tarintino inspired stop-motion video is by Billy Dunz, the creator of a web series called "Mr. Disco Pants." I've never heard of it, so I watched the first episode. Mind. Blown.: