Monday, August 18, 2014

New Punk Rock

Iron Leg Blog put out a great podcast yesterday. An hour and thirty minutes of groovy b-sides and obscure rock, I think mostly from the 60s, plus a big chunk of Byrds which I loved. Best Table In Hell put out a new one yesterday too and it's rad, all East Coast punk, I think mostly from the 80s. Ohhhh, and Dan Carlin has a new Hardcore History out, this one his 4th installment on World War I. I've only just started that one so don't spoil it for me.

Negative Fun has some real deal stuff going on with their Singles Club subscription thing, the Hoax Hunters' awesome new single, and a new split from Ghostt Blonde and The Pilgrims. What's the deal with spelling your band name with an extra letter? Or two V's instead of a W? Or "Thee" instead of "The?" Here's the Hoax Hunters song, which if you're cooler than me you've already heard, an older Ghostt Blonde song, and a Bad Daddies song (the first thing to be released on Negative Fun's Singles Club 2014). The Bad Daddies song is the best of the three, IMO, even tho the other two are super-rad themselves:

These two I heard via Costa Mesa CA's Mass Media Records mail list. Chicago-based gothy peace-punkers Cemetery only have 13 out of 100 left of their gold 12" called "Collection."

From Italy, this is new and available on vinyl:

The Netherlands' Shield Records has new releases coming out in the Fall:

Here's fun pop-punk from Montreal:

Finally, I saw this featured on Bandcamp's front page just now and figured I'd share it, because I am against fascism:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tommy Zang with Frank Metis and Orchestra: White Silence b/w With The Good Lord Willing (Mark Records, 1959)

Some googling didn't uncover anything about Tommy Zang, except he recorded for a label called Mark in the late 50s and for Hickory in the 60s. I think he may have been Canadian. He may have a daughter and a grandson who post in Youtube comments, which is pretty cool. I'd love to know more about Tommy Zang.

Discogs has three Tommy Zang 7"'s listed, and 45cat has five. Gemm and MusicStack have more for sale. Youtube has a few of his songs posted. But none of them have this particular record.

Zang was backed on these two songs by Frank Metis & His Orchestra. A little googling didn't uncover much about them either.

Praguefrank's Country Music Discographies is a cool site and it has this listed as Zang's first single, from '59. "White Silence" was written by one Frank Cavall, who is another mystery to me. The flip, "With the Good Lord Willing," was written by Zang himself.

Both are unusual and enjoyable. It's pop, it's orchestral, it's a little country, maybe? White Silence sounds like the theme song to Blazing Saddles, to me, anyway. This is some unique stuff. So enjoy it, Quieteers:

White Silence:

With the Good Lord Willing:

Another mystery is the label, Mark Records, outta Utica, New York. This rockabilly song was also released on Mark:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Blues, Folk, & Field Recordings

I've been listening to a lot of blues, folk, and field recordings on Google Play. Here's a little Youtube mix, some stuff I've never heard before mixed in with some of my favorites. If I wanted to make this an interesting post I'd do a little bio or some tidbits for each artist. Tonight, however, other than the meager links presented below, I humbly request you google what you're curious about for further information.

Here's the lyrics to Early In The Mornin', there's a couple of raunchy verses:

Here's some backstory on Long John.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Great Dismal Swamis, Code Orange Kids, Ritual Control

Yeah, man:


For sure:

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Anklepants, Sorry State Records, todayshits

CNQ's favorite penis-facemask wearing electro-provocateur Anklepants is about to embark on a tour of Australia and Asia, and plans on getting to the States in 2015. That's cool, I hope he makes it to Texas.

A 12" EP is available for order on his bandcamp page, and at this writing there's one 10" record left of Amilia-facé-é-on, featuring Why Don't The Cool Kids Like Me. Check out all of his vinyl output here.

Courtesy Sorry State Records, here's some hc out of Chapel Hill. The Wriggle demo was released in July but I forgot to mention it the last time I featured some stuff from Sorry State:

Also from Sorry State and North Carolina, Skemäta's new album is due out in September. They're touring this month as well.

Skemäta tour dates:

August 7th - Asheville, NC

August 8th - Pittsburgh, PA

August 9th - Columbus, OH

August 10th - Bloomington, IN

August 11th - Indianapolis, IN

August 12th - Chicago, IL

August 13th - Kansas City, MO

August 14th - St. Louis, MO

August 15th - Atlanta, GA

August 16th - Nashville, TN

OFF! is touring with Sorry State's Gay Kiss, whom I featured in a post exactly one month ago today, and they're gonna be in my neck of the woods next week. Check 'em out in Texas:

Aug. 6 – El Paso, Texas @ Lowbrow Palace

Aug. 8 – San Antonio, Texas @ The Korova w/ The DWARVES

Aug. 9 – Austin, Texas @ The Mohawk w/ The DWARVES

The Sorry State e-mail updates are awesome. Here's a quick sampling of some of the stuff those guys recommend in their latest update:

Finally, here's the new todayshits:

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clara Engel Sale on Bandcamp

CNQ's favorite Canadian folk singer/songwriter Clara Engel has a special going on her bandcamp page. Until September 1st, the discount code-word "caviaporcellus" will get you 15% off any purchase on her site.

Ya know, Normie, Cavia Porcellus is the, ahh, scientific name for your standard guinea pig. (That's a "Cheers" reference, btw.) Clara has been busy and CNQ has been regrettably lax in keeping up with her output. I'll rectify that by getting something with her generous codeword sale. You should do the same!

Here's something off her most recent, "Looking-Glass Fire," which she released last month. This is wild, check it out. I'm learning to play guitar myself finally and I'd like to eventually be able to do blues and folk stuff. This blows me away:

I engaged Kurt Schitlicher again today on Twitter, and realized this guy, moreso than being a fat cat mouthpiece, is just a failed comedian, a hack insult comic who couldn't cut it in the nightclubs. So he got a gig writing hate-filled propaganda for a Republican nabob, and now panders to the absolute lowest denominator - the gullible, the ignorant, the insane, and the people who wear hats and have jobs, but come on, we know what they are.

After realizing Schitlicher is just a hack, I read him for filth on twitter. I'd never talk to a human like that, but all of my interactions with Schitlicher have revealed him to be not human, but a cartoon caricature that spews hateful rhetoric for a member of the Republican fundamentalist side of the establishment. So I let him have it. He and I both know what he really is, so why mince words? In the end, going back and forth with that dummy got me a couple of new twitter followers, and several extra hits on my little blog here. What did Schitlicher get? Well, he had to cut and paste his gibberish-filled responses to my tweets, and had to read some pretty nasty stuff about his mother. I'll call that: point for CNQ.

So, thanks, Kurt. I sincerely hope you get everything that's coming to you!