Tuesday, October 17, 2017

So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

I've been on a Friends kick lately. I'm always on a Frasier kick, as that's my favorite old familiar sitcom to watch as I go to sleep. My tier of old familiar sitcoms on streaming goes:

1. Frasier

2. Seinfeld

5. Golden Girls

3. Friends

4. King of Queens

I don't have a desire to watch old Simpsons or old South Park episodes, even though I think they're good shows. If they're on I'll watch them but I don't queue them up. Seinfeld was my favorite sitcom for a long time, but has been replaced by Frasier. Golden Girls is as funny as both and probably the best show of the three, or maybe tied with Frasier, but I like what I like.

King of Queens isn't on streaming but it is on syndication so I watch a lot of it when I travel. I didn't watch the show on first run so there's a lot of episodes I have not seen, but I always get a chuckle out of them. And it's hard for me to tire of watching Leah Remini. If I had to choose between you and Leah Remini -- whoever you may be, I'll probably choose Leah Remini.

Anyway, check out this Spanish punk:

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Little over an hour of wild sound:

The Egyptian Lover: “Seduced” (1984, Egyptian Empire Records, 2015)
Judiciary: “Silent Vice” (The Axis of Equality, 2016)
Dead Cross: “Seizure and Desist”: (Dead Cross, Ipacec Records, 2017)
Secret Chiefs 3: “Spiritus Intelligentiae: Jophiel” (Ishraqiyun - Perichoresis, Web of Mimicry, 2015)
Glue: “Pig Fucker” (S/T MLP, La Vida Es Un Mus, 2017)
American Shit Storm: “Die?!” (American Shit Storm Vol. 1, 2017)
The Cult of Percolation: “Lovin’ A Van” (Elegant Interactions Laboratory, 2017)
Blackbeard: “Jazz” (I Wah Dub, More Cut Records, 1980)
The Bordellos: “Starcrossed Radio” (Life, Love & Billy Fury, Recordiau Prin, 2017)
Candy Fresh: “We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money)” (We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money) 12”, 2 Sweet Records, 1990)
C.A.P.: “Heart In The Next Room” ((Making America Hate Again, 2017)
JACKAL: “Programmed” (Demo, 2017)
Belly Jelly: “Futre Mind” (Songs About Heads, 2017)
Skrew Eyez: “So Dead” (Hospital Socks, 2017)
Guided By Voices: “Boy W” (How Do You Spell Heaven, Guided By Voices Inc., 2017)
Nana Tuffour: “I’m Feeling Your Love” (Ye Wo Asaase, KAM Records, 1980s)
Burt Bacharach: “Don’t Make Me Over” (Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits, Kapp Records, 1966)
Johnny Stewart: “Season of the Rut” (Secrets of Calling a Buck, Johnny Stewart Game Calls, 1966)
King Curtis and Champion Jack Dupree: “Junker’s Blues” (Blues at Montreux, Atlantic, 1973)
Damien Youth: “God of Violence” (Festival of Death, 1994)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

What's New Punk On Bandcamp

Haven't posted or done a show in a couple of months. Here's some groovy new tunes from Bandcamp. These three have new tapes out:

From Helsinki:

I love an hc demo from Florida. I just bought the last tape, sorry byeeee:

From Indiana:

These two acts have new vinyl out:

From Cleveland and Quality Time Records:

From Minneapolis:

Digital only, from DC:

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


An hour and a half of 1980s dance-pop for your Fourth of July listening pleasure.

Jody Watley: “Looking For A New Love” (Jody Watley, MCA Records, 1987)
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam: “Head to Toe” (Spanish Fly, Columbia, 1987)
Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam: “Lost In Emotion” (Spanish Fly, Columbia, 1987)
Debbie Deb: “Lookout Weekend” (Lookout Weekend 7”, Jam Packed, 1984)
The Jets: “Crush On You” (The Jets, MCA Records, 1985)
Pebbles: “Girlfriend” ( (Pebbles, MCA Records, 1987)
Pebbles: “Mercedes Boy” (Pebbles, MCA Records, 1987)
Exposé: “Come Go With Me” ((Exposure, Arista, 1987)
Exposé: “Let Me Be The One” (Exposure, Arista, 1987)
Pretty Poison: “Catch Me (I’m Falling)” (Catch Me I’m Falling, Curb/Virgin, 1988)
Neneh Cherry: “Buffalo Stance” (Raw Like Sushi, Virgin, 1988)
Al B. Sure!: “Nite and Day” (In Effect Mode, Uptown Records/Warner Brothers, 1988)
Oran “Juice” Jones: “The Rain” (Juice, Def Jam Recordings, 1986)
Mary Jane Girls: “In My House” (Only Four You, Gordy, 1985)
Ready for the World: “Oh Sheila” (Ready for the World, MCA Records, 1985)
Timex Social Club: “Rumours” (Vicious Rumours, Danya Records, 1986)
Stacey Q: “Two of Hearts” (Two of Hearts 12”, On The Spot, 1986)
Technotronic: “Pump Up the Jam” (Pump Up The Jam - The Album, SBK Records, 1989)