Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Für Elise

Here's a kid playing Für Elise in a mall:

Here's Ukranian-American pianist Valentina Lisitsa playing it:

My mom would play that intro part, we had this big piano in the living room.

Monday, April 1, 2019

A CNQ Mixcloud Pop-Up Mixtape

Haven't done anything in a while, so here's a little 30 minute mixtape to show I care.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Larry and the Doctor: A cut-up experiment.

I've been on a Burroughs kick the past couple of days and fudged around with an online cut-up machine tonite:

Here's the result,"Larry and the Doctor."

Death -- it incense of the having mask and meat to the together.

“The fantastic, they flies yet?”

“It's in smell and, and meat ferals. Think Aroma. It Sex smell. Try candles -- fun realm.”

“Oh we call subtle Someone discreet doctor, discreet, in -- get Larry in Death together. Oh flies, it's doctor Sex!”

The fantastic we in, and are mask. Try. Someone smell it. Realm in ferals and try subtle the call. The think flies the A.

“It the Sex call, doctor. Incense. The fantastic fun discreet Larry smell it's realm.”

 “Discreet the smell to yet?”

 With having think and to meat incense, meat and candles, someone realm of The Aroma and Oh! Aroma!

 “The Death fun meat! The candles discreet together get ferals. Get realm, Larry, and smell discreet. A meat subtle. We having mask yet?”

 In the Sex, Oh! Sex, the mask and in discreet smell, we try mask the smell and someone meat call meat.

 “And Aroma -- smell flies, realm fantastic yet? It Death ferals. The flies and subtle get Death meat. They candles and it's in having of candles... it subtle.”

 Someone! Oh! Subtle and fantastic. With try, it flies discreet and to incense.

"Try call and we think Someone Aroma. The realm smell. Meat realm of incense discreet.”

 “Are we having Larry? Having Someone discreet? The fantastic, Oh! Together.”

 The smell and a mask think it smell together.

 “Call the Larry -- flies think they ferals.”

 “It's Larry. A Death. they get with mask in A:A realm.”

 “The together having Aroma yet? Within are fun meat.”

 Discreet call, fun to ferals in Sex. Ferals get meat candles. Subtle incense, discreet doctor.

 “Are fun in? Are -- it's Oh! doctor! Death smell and candles. Incense the smell realm with Sex they meat, Aroma, and fantastic fun. Doctor in to try yet?”

Discreet get realm doctor. Larry think meat.

 “Discreet the together to yet?”

Monday, October 29, 2018

CNQ Podcast Is Ending...A Blog Hiatus...And Don't Forget to Vote...

After 45 episodes, I've decided to put the podcast to sleep. You can still listen and download the shows on iTunes until the end of October, but they'll disappear at the first of November. It was a fun thing to do --essentially it was pirate radio. Thanks to everyone who listened and to all the bands and musicians who let me play their songs.

I'll probably decide to do another one down the road -- if/when I do, I'll post it to Mixcloud, I suspect, and share that link here and over on the Facebook page. Go follow CNQ on Facebook, if you're not already. How cool would it be if you did.

Meanwhile I'm going to put the blog on hiatus as well. I'd like to turn CNQ into more than just a music blog, and post about my other interests -- my shitty music project Occult Character, conversations about the weather, Madballs, headlines I saw but didn't read the article, lawn gnomes, etc. And maybe try to sell some of the paintings I've been doing here too. I've got a lot of paintings all of a sudden. I work in volume.

My thoughts are with anyone and everyone affected by the hateful word-vomit of our current President, and/or the hurtful policies of the administration. That orange demagogue's rhetoric is directly responsible for the Pittsburg massacre, the pipe bombs, the Kentucky grocery shootings, as well as countless other hateful acts of crime and violence. And if you voted for him, you're culpable for all this as well. What did you think would happen? And how do you sleep at night.

To all I say: stay safe, and, if you know as I do that this unstable circus peanut in an over-sized suit, the administration, and the Republican Party at large is absolutely unsafe for the stability of our Republic and the world at large, then please vote. I'm certain the two-party system is wrong, rigged, and needs to change, but for right now, there is a clear "lesser of two evils" situation and we can convert to Full Communism (or Full Collective Anarchism, or what-have-you) down the road. Maybe after the Singularity. For right now, I encourage you to just vote on whoever will place a check on Trump and his Republican sycophants.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dispatch from the Neo-Gilded Age

I've got the songs I wanna put on the next podcast lined up, just haven't pulled the trigger because I've been in vidja game mode. Put down Pillars of Eternity and have logged some serious hours over the past couple of weeks on Conan Exiles. Keep getting my ass kicked and having to start over from scratch. Super-fun game but very frustrating. Downloaded the Rise and Fall expansion for Civ VI, but wasn't impressed with it at all.

Last weekend I did deep cleaning on a lot of my classic rock records, replaced the paper sleeves and gave them new outer plastic sleeves. I got an autographed Johnny Otis album!

Been rocking The House of Love's second self-titled album (they have three self-titled albums, apparently) on my streaming service. Never got into 'em until recently, but certainly in my wheelhouse of what I enjoy:

Listened to R.E.M.'s Document tonite. A political album that rings as true now as when it was released in 1987.

Oh, a couple of weeks ago saw The Jesus Lizard in Austin. One of the finest shows I've ever attended:

Watched most of Batman: Bad Blood cartoon on Netflix today. Cool stuff.

Bought some new canvases and painted something to get out my feelings on the fucked up appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That is some illegitimate bullshit. My painting is a little extreme and I'm not ready to share it.

The Gilded Age only lasted about thirty years.

Hopefully I'll feel like crankin' out a show tomorrow.

You ever seen Blood Freak? That's what we're watchin' right now.