Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dispatch from the Neo-Gilded Age

I've got the songs I wanna put on the next podcast lined up, just haven't pulled the trigger because I've been in vidja game mode. Put down Pillars of Eternity and have logged some serious hours over the past couple of weeks on Conan Exiles. Keep getting my ass kicked and having to start over from scratch. Super-fun game but very frustrating. Downloaded the Rise and Fall expansion for Civ VI, but wasn't impressed with it at all.

Last weekend I did deep cleaning on a lot of my classic rock records, replaced the paper sleeves and gave them new outer plastic sleeves. I got an autographed Johnny Otis album!

Been rocking The House of Love's second self-titled album (they have three self-titled albums, apparently) on my streaming service. Never got into 'em until recently, but certainly in my wheelhouse of what I enjoy:

Listened to R.E.M.'s Document tonite. A political album that rings as true now as when it was released in 1987.

Oh, a couple of weeks ago saw The Jesus Lizard in Austin. One of the finest shows I've ever attended:

Watched most of Batman: Bad Blood cartoon on Netflix today. Cool stuff.

Bought some new canvases and painted something to get out my feelings on the fucked up appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. That is some illegitimate bullshit. My painting is a little extreme and I'm not ready to share it.

The Gilded Age only lasted about thirty years.

Hopefully I'll feel like crankin' out a show tomorrow.

You ever seen Blood Freak? That's what we're watchin' right now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I've been playing the fudge outta Conan Exiles on Steam the past several days. That's a great game.

Soon enough I'm going to put some of my cruddy paintings up on Etsy. Here's the most recent one I did, "Terrorist."

Tonight we listened to all but one side of Todd Rundgren's Something/Anything? and it's as awesome as ever. The side we didn't listen to was the first side of the second disc. It's got a lot of excellent songs on it:

I got my Chronic Anxiety cassette in the mail the other day. 11 lo-fi lady-fronted noise punk tracks. A must have:

I think it's great Bandcamp is helping people register to vote. Voting is super-important. The system is rigged, but a large portion of that rig is only to make you not vote. If you can get past that rigged part and get your vote in, you may be able to help shit not be so fucked up. If you're able to vote but don't, you're only enabling the fucked-up shit that is going on.

I'm 42 years old, and while I'm a dummy in more than few regards, I'm not a complete moron. So that's fucking wisdom. Get registered. Fucking vote in the mid-terms. If you're young, there's a lot of you, and you can make a difference if you're interested in freedom, equality, and the opposite of future dystopia.

Register To Vote.

I'm keeping my hopes grounded for a blue wave. At best we may end up with a stalemate between progressives and regressives. At worst, elections are suspended and The Purge is approved by the Supreme Court.

Good four song garage EP from Spain:

From Orlando, weirdo electro-punk, absolutely:

Sunday, September 16, 2018

R.I.P. Big Jay McNeely; plus New Music Videos from Dot Dash (DC), White Petals (Lynchburg), and Trauma Harness (St. Louis)

Tenor saxophonist and rock'n'roll forerunner Big Jay McNeely passed away today in Watts, from cancer. He was 91. Here's the LA Weekly's obit for the man. CNQ sends condolences to McNeely's friends and family. From the 80s, here's live video of McNeely playing his 1953 blast of a song, "3-D," with Detroit Gary Wiggins:

I need to get started on a new podcast. Next one should have lots of new acquisitions from the much hallowed CNQ vinyl vault, but in the meantime, how about some new videos?

DC's Dot Dash has a new full length, "Proto Retro," it's fresh sounding jangle pop, their first since 2016 and sixth album total. You can get the CD from Ottowa's The Beautiful Music. Here's the new video for the uber-catchy single, Unfair Weather, which has been stuck in my head for a few weeks. They're giving away the single for free on bandcamp, so grip that here.

Next up, from Lynchburg, Virginia, new to me is White Petals. Here's a video from a three song EP coming out next month. The artist says the EP will be about his struggle with dissociation and cyclical bouts of anxiety. I can relate. A little nu-gazey, slightly ambient/electro, gloomy bedroom pop. I like his vox and this is a neat looking video:

From St. Louis, out on Lumpy Records, a fun video and cool synth-pop:

I'll start working on that new show...maybe first I'll play some Pillars of Eternity. Hashtag priorities.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Me, Me, Me: Some Things I'm Into

If I did a blog post on what I am up to other than new music from Bandcamp, I'd have a lot more content. Like for instance, I make memes of petulant child-presidents:

And I paint:

And I have my own little shitty recording project:

...and I play games on Steam (currently caught up in Pillars of Eternity), and watch movies and some TV (mostly Frasier re-runs over and over again but I did finish Altered Carbon and recently started Xena the Princess Warrior) and read books and comics. I saw the new The Predator Movie. CNQ Broseph-in-Chief Gary Dowell sums up my feelings on it on his long-running movie blog, Though the review does not mention my feelings for Olivia Munn, which are strong. She's great in the movie, holding her own with the strongest of the male leads (Thomas Jane, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, in that order, IMO), and also I love her. Is that weird.
Augusto Aguilera was good too as one of the crazy vets fighting the Predator. The movie was funny and gory but the third act dragged.

I just bought a copy of Fear, the Woodward book, and enjoying it so far. Surprise, the Prez is a piece of shit.

I really like Bandcamp, I think that's obvious. Like, CNQ wouldn't be the same blog without Bandcamp. And over the years the music site has evolved to have some taste-makery type stuff to click on their home page, so it sometimes makes me wonder, what am I for? But when the splash on their homepage is something about Cosmic Black Metal, I'm pretty sure I still serve a purpose, even if I don't post about my other interests.

Monday, September 3, 2018


A little over an hour's worth of tunes.

Arse: “NRVSNRG” (Primitive Species, 2017)
Freddie Gibbs: “2 Legit” (Freddie, Empire, 2018)
Freak Genes: “Give Way” (Qwak Qwak LP, Drunken Sailor Records, 2018)
Candy and the Suckers: “In The Woods” (2018)
Mirror Box: “Minimal Compliance” (Minimal Compliance EP, Texas Recordings Underground, 2018)
Anthony Friedlander: “Summer Flounder” (Parallelement (Fog), 2017)
Bauhaus: “A God In An Alcove” (In The Flat Field, 4AD, 1980)
Vukovar: “The Destroying Place” (Infinitum, 2018)
Corrections: “Glitter” (Birdsong, Custom Made Music, 2018)
Witch Watch: “Seconds (Single Version)” (Seconds (Single) EP, Custom Made Music, 2018)
Dot Dash: “Unfair Weather” (Proto Retro, The Beautiful Music, 2018)
The Soft Boys: “Leppo and the Jooves” (A Can of Bees, Two Crabs Universal, 1979)
Brian Bordello: “Eddie Cochran” (Eddie Cochran, Metal Postcard, 2018)
Doctor Nod: “Dew Drop Priestess” (Dew Drop Priestess/Call My Name, 2018)
Joe Division: “Lemurs of Men” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series - April 2018: Joy Division, 2018)
Paraquat: “Now I’m Freaking Out” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series - July 2018: Ween, 2018)
Mommy Long Legs: “Dick Move” (Try Your Best, Youth Riot Records, 2018)
The Verlaines: “This Valentine” (Way Out Where, Slash, 1993)
Guided By Voices: “Hudson Rake” (Space Gun, Guided By Voices Inc., 2018)
MC5: “Sister Anne” (High Time, Atlantic, 1972)