Wednesday, November 30, 2016


William S. Burroughs: “Apocalypse” (Dead City Radio, Island Records, 1990)
The Sex Pistols: “Substitute” (The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle, Virgin Records, 1979)
Tortoise: “Six Pack” (Standards, Thrill Jockey, 2001)
Doctor Nod: “I Know It’s True” (Forthcoming Album, Night People Records, 2016)
Thin Skin: “My Song Ate” (TS​/​FN <3, Pecan Crazy Records, 2016)
Va-Voom: “Here It Comes” (The End of the World A Go-Go, Tremor Records, 1986)
Spitboy: “Seriously” (Give Me Back, Ebullition Records, 1991)
Magide Mussa: “Mihimbo” (Various Volume 1, Ngoma Records, 1980)
Lion Force: “Cry Blood” (Cry Blood/Put Up Your Fist 12”, Shaka Music, 1980s?)
Gloria Lasso: “Quand Je Danse Dans Tes Bras (When I Dance In Your Arms)” (The Streets of Paris: Songs by Luis Mariano and Gloria Lasso, Capitol Records, 1950s?)
Citrus Clouds: “Imagination” (Imagination, Custom Made Music, 2016)
Galaxie 500: “Decomposing Trees” (On Fire, Rough Trade, 1989)
Flesh Narc: “Get Rob Paid” (TS​/​FN <3, Pecan Crazy Records, 2016)

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Little over an hour long show:

The Gilbert Shelton Ensemble: “Southern Stock Car Man” (If I Were A Hell’s Angel 7”, ESP-Disk, 1966)
Mighty Sparrow: “Obeah Wedding” (Obeah Wedding 7”, National Record Company, 1966)
You People: “Deliver Me Home” (Dropouts LP, Custom Made Music, Scheduled for Late Fall, 2016)
Phern: “Pebble” (Cool Coma LP, Fixture Records, available November 25, 2016)
Fear City: “The Color of Blood” (Debut album to be released 11/18/16)
Rebel Flesh: “The Looker” (Hold You Tight, Rebel Flesh, 2016)
The Invincible Czars: “The Crypt” (Nosferatu: Music From Silent Films Vol. VII, 2015)
Mirage512: “They Wrong (Bruh)” (Amelioration Collection, 2016)
Rapeman: “Up Beat” (Two Nuns And A Pack Mule, Touch and Go, 1998)
Bully: “I Remember” (Feels Like, Startime International, 2015)
Yo La Tengo: “Tom Courtenay” (Electr-O-Pura, Matador, 1995)
Scrambled Channels: “Empire’s Forward Scouts” (Kirk Unit, 2014)
Thug Mills: “Missy Huggins” (Thug Mills & Chinese Football, Nasty Wizard Recordings, 2016)
Violence Creeps: “Watching Me” (Soul Narc, Digital Regress, 2016)
The Bordellos: “Stone Turns To Stone” (How To Lose Friends And Influence No-One, Small Bear Records, 2016)
Johnny Fox: “Xícaras de Chá” (Cais, 2016)
Wardell Gray: “Just You, Just Me” (Way Out Wardell, Modern Records, 1956, from a live recording done in Los Angeles, 1948)
Guided By Voices: “How’s My Drinking” (Isolation Drills, TVT Records, 2001)

Saturday, October 15, 2016


An hour long show.

The Shaggs: “It’s Halloween” (Philosophy of the World, Third World Recordings, 1969)
L’Orange & Mr. Lif: “The Scribe (feat. Akrobatik & DJ QBert)” (The Life & Death of Scenery, Mello Music Group, 2016)
The Puking Toms: “Fuck You” (Demo 1997)
Violence Creeps: “Ratskull” (Soul Narc, Digital Regress, 2016)
Jean Léon Destiné And Ensemble: “Shango” (Festival In Haiti, Elektra, 1961, re-issue of original album from 1955)  
The Bordellos: “Gary Glitter” (How To Lose Friends and Influence No-One, Small Bear Records, 2016)
Dog, Paper, Submarine: “Kids in the Sinister Spin” (Trouble On Earth, Small Bear Records, 2016)
BIB: “Psychedelic Paralysis” (Pop EP, Erste Theke Tontraeger, 2016)
Thug Mills: “Half Wild Child” (Thug Mills & Chinese Football, Nasty Wizard Recordings, 2016)
Jesus Chris + The Beetles: “I’m a Bad Person and I’m Going to Hell” (Love Songs from the Slime World, 2016)
Junkie: “Old Pearsall Daze” (Bong Kisses, 2016)
Monkee Business: “Sally, Sally” (Monkey Business, Wyncote Records, 1967)
Wringin’ and Twistin’ (Bix Beirderbecke and Frankie Trumbauer, The Bix Beiderbecke Story Vol. II: Bix and Tram, Columbia, 1956 re-issue of a 1952 comp, original recording 1927)
Escuela: “It Never Happened” (Non Serviam, 2016)
Mala Leche: “Risas Rabiosas” (Demo, 2016)
Vanta: “Liars” (Live, 2016)
Slaughter Beach, Dog: “104 Degrees” (Ring Ring Ring, 2016)
Ted Taylor: “It’s A Funky Situation” (It’s A Funky Situation/I’m Glad Your Home 7”, Ronn Records, 1970)

Violence Creeps: “Everybody Says (Fuck You)” (The Gift of Music, Total Punk, 2016)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New From Bandcamp - Punk: Hardcore, Powerviolence, Garage, Weirdo

Per their Bandcamp page, The Puking Toms formed in Franklin, Massachusetts in 1997, released 2 demo cassettes, and played a lot of shows in different places. This is their first recording, from 1997:

This is new from Abnormal Broadcasting, out of California. The band is called P.E.A.R.L. and their new 4 song demo is the type of raw hc I'm really into. Their Bandcamp page says "This is for the queers who have had enough of that trans misogynist bullshit. No one deserves to be left out. Fight back till you die." Which I think is cool but tbh I dunno what "trans misogynist bullshit" is. I'm gonna assume it's something non-inclusive and that I would be against it.

Here's the first song off the EP, they've got cassettes available on the page:

Six song album "Joy of Life" from Polish powerviolence band Low Standards. Heavy as the af, I'm into it:

And here's Iron Filth, Indonesian powerviolence! This song is called "Lumut Kemunafikan Dunia," and it's off Iron Filth's six song effort "Lethargic Dialogue" originally released back in 2014 but due out on cassette soon.

The Nods are garage rock from Salt Lake City. This is the b-side from their new cool 2 song 7":

This is from a crazy little six song demo from Olympia, Washington's Scrivener. A lo-fi Devo devotional, reminds me of the Ausmuteants, but the best parts of it remind me of early Gene Ween. Completely enjoyable demo: