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Monday, May 29, 2023

CNQ Live via Caster.FM (originally broadcast 5/27/2023)

I recorded a show via Caster.FM the other night and had had a few, didn't have the mic turned up when I was gabbing in between songs. So here's those songs, with the dead air edited out.

Vessels to Motherland - Process and Product

Electrocutioner - Undercover

Future Death - Transmission

Exwhite - Get Clean

Brute Spring - The Sandman Can’t Swim

Goblin Daycare - Officer Down!

Hotmom - They’re Watching Me

Huey Smith and His Clowns - Pop-Eye

JJ Cale - Cherry

Johns Children - Smashed Blocked

Nightmarer - Suffering Beyond Death

Alvin Cash and the Crawlers - Twine Time

Philomena Lauprecht - Rain of Earth 

Thunderbirds Are Now! - Not Witherspoon, But Silverstone

Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo - Fora do Meu Quarto

Charity Empressa - A Brand New Shiloh

Chinese Junk - CCTV 

Supersonic Piss - P-U-N-K-S-I-C-K

Total Abuse - The New Man

David Naughton - I’m a Pepper

Meridian Brothers - Bomba Atomica 

The Legendary Ten Seconds - The Torquay Sandyman

Joseph Tonelli - Wolf in Your Blood

Oddysseys - Enough 

USA Nails - Love Embassy 

Vault Dweller - The Black Vomit (Sarcofago Cover)

Venus Gang - Love To Fly 

Sparkle Division - To Feel 

Racoo - Airport Hospital 

Tortoise - In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven There Were Women and Men

Germ House - Bad Organs

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Clean Nice Quiet on KPISS.FM (05.27.2023)

Guided By Voices - Seedling

Minor Threat - Out of Step (With the World)

Beastie Boys - The Blue Nun

Beastie Boys - Stand Together

Kool Keith - Black Elvis

The Chills - I Think I’d Thought I’d Nothing Else To Think About 

Guardian Singles - Chad and Stacey

C57BL/6 - Red Dawn 

Shit Present - Crossed The Line 

The Prissteens - Almost 24 

Billy Woods - Spongebob

Liminal - Espacio Liminal 

Jim Jones All Stars - Your Arms Will Be the Heavens 

Trop Tard - Je T’Attends

The Shivas - Perder (ft. Carrion Kids)

Jean Mignon - Asshole on a Moped 

Girls Against Boys - Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self 

Succumb - Aither

Trans Am - Technology Corridor

Sunday, May 21, 2023

CNQ on KPISS.FM (05.20.2023)

Rat Motel - Shotgun
CJ Chenier - Ridin’ with Uncle Cleveland
Vessels to Motherland -- Process and Product
Eretia - Part III
Shit Present - Fuck It
This Heel - My Mind Is Full of Broken Toys
Yuvees - Penny Farm 
The Bordellos - Star Cross Radio
Cat Box Room Bois - Big Dick Dog 
Clickbaiters - The Fantastic Fur and Kid Chlorine
Exwhite - I’m Just Workless Shit 
Brute Spring - Into Ribbons 
Chinese Junk - Plastic Surgery Accident
Moar - Star Rider 
Rixe - La Cle 
Hans Condor - Breaking and Entering 

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Rat Motel; Mindvac; Dafake; Kevin Daniel Cahill; Vessels to Motherland; Eretia; Boys Age; The Bordellos; Dystopiarch; The Legendary Ten Seconds

A round-up of quality new submissions. I'll be playing some of these on the CNQ hour on KPISS.FM, Saturday at 5pm Eastern, so please feel free to tune in for that! Here we go:

Rat Motel are two brothers, Seth and Clayton Peacock, from Columbus, Ohio, and I've been jazzed about them since last year's The Regal Sum. Their new album The Rat Motel is due out 6/3, and I've been enjoying the singles "Tutankhamen" and "Owe" and playing them on the KPISS show. Both are super-solid alt-rock tracks; if Seth and Clayton had been around in the 90s, they would've been on Sub Pop or Matador and had videos for these in rotation on MTV, I'm certain of it.

While they definitely draw from the 90s alt-rock well, they don't sound like they're apeing anything. The music and the lead singer's voice (I'm not sure which one is the baritone lead singer) are unique while still sounding like something I've always enjoyed. I guess eggheads call that "hauntological," but it's not like the Peacock bros are making mash-ups of Beach Boys, psych and AM radio singles with the singer going "ooo ooo ooo" in the hallway. It's well-produced, mid-fi, loud, buzzy, thoughtful rock'n'roll.

On this Saturday's show I'll be playing a third single, "Shotgun." Here's the first single, "Tutankhamen":

The debut self-titled EP from Charlotte, NC metal/post-hardcore/prog trio Mindvac is out tomorrow on streaming platforms. The single, "Pastime," is an interesting mix of, as mentioned, post-hardcore and technical prog, I like it:

Paris-based experimental composer/sound artist DAFAKE has two new releases out, Les Miniscules and Live aux Instants Chavir├ęs. For fans of "electro-acoustic mininimalism," DAFAKE works with "a range of experimental recording techniques, DIY instruments and unseen sound sources such as feedback loops, corrupted data and electromagnetic fields processed and recomposed through a modular system." It all makes for interesting soundscapes:

False Walls is releasing a CD of London-based artist Kevin Daniel Cahill's new album Impossible Worlds. Per the press release: "Consisting of two long tracks, the album traces a steady progression as it moves through different environments — initially ambient and isolationist in tone, the work ultimately reaches a form of transcendence. Rooted in Kevin’s guitar-playing, though not immediately identifiable as such due to the deployment of tape loops and effects, the album foregrounds feeling and atmosphere, and its duration and gradual development benefits close listening."

Vessels to Motherland is an electro-acoustic duo based out of NYC. Their new electronic single "Process and Product" is great - atmospheric and dark, with a groovy beat:

Speaking of atmospheric and dark, Eretia is from Spain and their new 7 song release Quietud is both atmospheric and dark -- a fan comment on Bandcamp called it a mix of post-hardcore and post-metal. I'm into it:

Boys Age's new album "Ring World" is out on Bandcamp. "The Ninth Melody" is a great single and I'm excited to listen to the rest of the album. I gush about Boys Age, from Japan, all the time:

The Bordellos have an 11 song sampler new on Metal Postcard Records, Star Crossed Radio. I love the Bordellos, y'all know that:

"Pale New World" is the second single by Brooklyn's Dystopiarch. They say all proceeds will go to benefit the people of war-torn Ukraine, which is nice:

Torquay, England's The Legendary Ten Seconds has a new album out, Astounding Songs, an album of English folk rock songs. The Legendary Ten Seconds is solo artist Ian Churchward and friends. I'm really impressed with his output. After Astounding Sounds he's released Mer De Mort, "recorded to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Mortimer History Society," and I'm not sure what that is, but congratulations to ten years of it, and another full length, History Book Part One. Great stuff, absolutely unique rock'n'roll:

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Clean Nice Quiet on KPISS.FM (05.13.2023)

Jean Mignon - Moped with a Gun 

Psalm One - Kolorblind Ambrosia (feat. Emma Jayne)

Rat Motel - Owe

Armstrong - Saturday is Calling

Joe Tex - Chicken Crazy

Grgr - Sex App

Exwhite - Separate Life 

Sharizza - Oma

Moar - I Need Power

Aretha Franklin - Good to Me As I Am To You

Nightmarer - Brutalist Imperator

Arse - Go Hard

Sunfruits - Feeling Fine

Open Mind - Magic Potion 

Rufus Thomas - Miss Jane 

Modest Mouse - Convenient Parking