Saturday, July 31, 2021

Corntuth (New York), Starflyer 59 (California), Rick Treffers (Netherlands), and Desborde (Argentina)

Corntuth is an ambient music producer based in Brooklyn. Their new release The Desert Is Paper Thin is 11 instrumentals, over 40 minutes of tunes. I keep meaning to put it on when I'm driving and listen to the whole thing, as it was conceived as a record documenting an imaginary day and night drive through the desert. I've enjoyed the tracks I have listened to -- ambient meets Americana, synth pads and steel pedal. Pretty stuff, and I did order the shirt because the graphic is cool:

There's a Youtube video to accompany the album as well:

A post or two ago I mentioned a label called Velvet Blue Music. This new Starflyer 59 video is a short film for the song, "Life in Bed." Per Velvet Blue Music's PR, "elements of the song are woven into an elongated soundtrack, with the actual album version of the song not entering until the 6:45 mark." The video is pretty haunting, and the song, also haunting, kicks ass. Starflyer 59 has been around since the 1990s, and I'd like to say I knew about them periphially, but I'm not 100% sure that's true. At any rate, here's the longform video for "Life in Bed," written and directed by Hunter Christy, who did the videos for GBV's "Space Gun" and "See My Field," among others:

Here's another righteous Starflyer 59 track, you can get it and "Life in Bed" on separate flexi-discs via the band's Bandcamp page. Fans of Mogwai and Arab Strap will appreciate this. I'm a little embarrassed I'm not familiar with the band, love this and "Life in Bed":

Rick Treffers has a new video for his new single "After I'm Gone," from the recently released album Looking For A Place To Stay. Cool adult-oriented indie-pop from the Netherlands. I love it:

This Desborde demo is raw bad ass power. Argentinian punk to the max. A must listen:

Saturday, July 24, 2021

New from Metal Postcard Records and Syf Records

A desire to scratch a symbol on a cave wall, or beat a drum, or ululate, or tell a story.

Imagine that.

Imagine being present at the beginning of our history, and then, hundreds of thousands of years later, being present for the end of it. Like you lived all that time. I bet you'd be glad to finally see shit wrap up.

Loyal CNQ readers will know Sean Hocking's Metal Postcard Records is bad-ass and indispensible if you want to stay hep af in our modern age.

Halfway through 2021. Scratches on a cave wall.

"Love is a Healing Force" is a taster single from a new act called The Kessler Cascasde. 7 minutes of off-beat bedroom blue-eyed soul with a positive message. I am inspired:

Also from Metal Postcard, Graham Domain has a new 9 song album out. A lot of the songs on it are also long. Here's a shorter one though. Graham's a serious talent:

Speaking of 7 minute long tracks from Metal Postcard, and the opposite of real talent, I'd be remiss to not feature "Abandon All Dope," the last track off Occult Character's new Metal Postcard release, The Song Remains The Stain. Around an hour of lo-fi histrionics, courtesy yours truly:

I did an interview with Syf Records a while back and they've been steadily releasing stuff since -- now they've got their first cassette release, which is exciting. It's all their KILØFF EPs in one place:

This first cassette released earlier this month was quickly followed by two more cassette releases!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Soma Crew (York), The Poppermost (Glasgow), Uhylak (Wroclaw, Poland), Bethan (Dallas), The False Positives (Rochester, NY), and Pink Milk (Gotland)

Soma Crew is based out of York and has a new "twin" vinyl release, Out of Darkness/Into Light courtesy Vinyl Eddie Records. The 12 songs are all around 5 minutes, give or take. I haven't listened to the whole thing, but the four or five tracks I listened to are rad. Psych in a Brian Jonestown Massacre vein.

Here's a video for their single, "Mighty Forces:"

Uchylak is from Wroclaw, Poland. Going back to 2019, he has eight albums and eight EPs on Bandcamp, and I love an artist who is so prolific that his friends tell him "I can't keep up with your output." I can relate.

Super-cool instrumental electronic music, the artist says it's "a mix of techno-industrial, ambient, drone and lo fi." This song has a Ministry vibe I love:

The Poppermost is a one-man band from Glasgow with a new album due out on the 30th called Hits To Spare, which will be made available on vinyl and CD in the US courtesy Think Like A Key Music. A Beatles/Bands Influenced By The Beatles-influenced project, "Up Against It" is the B-Side of the first single:

Velvet Blue Music is a label out of Huntington Beach, California, I'm interested in digging into their catalog a little more. There's a number of bands on their Bandcamp page from the DFW and Texas. I love this track from Dallas artist Bethan, whom I've never heard of. An eerie jazz vocal:

I look forward to listening to more of the Velvet Blue Music catalog soon.

Here in the Year of our Lorb 2021, there are so many people making so much music. What a time to be alive. And you'll never listen to it all. It's a wild scene, man.

The False Positives are out of Rochester, NY, and I have been there twice. They've got a really cool record store called The Record Archive that has a bar in it.

This is The False Positive's eighth digital single release since December 2018. Fun lo-fi power pop:

Swedish duo Pink Milk have got to be going places. Gothy shoegaze, reverb to the max -- and what a fun video:

That's half a month's worth of quality submissions right there. I'll try for the other half of July submissions here soon.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

A.N.J.A. (Belfast), Bill Horist (Seattle), and Harmonica Lewinski (Rochester, NY)

Been waiting a while to share this. A.N.J.A. is from Belfast and her new fuzzed out single "Monoxide" is boss. 13th Floor Elevators-inspired goodness:

How are you set for a 45 minute long prepared guitar driven dystopian soundscape? Improviser, composer and performer Bill Horist is from Seattle, and his new album, "Tastemaker Epics," is more than likely what you've been waiting for. Available on cassette from Cudighi Records for $7 plus $4 shipping in the US, if avant-garde instrumental weirdness is your bag, you gotta check this out:

Rochester NY spooky surf rockers Harmonica Lewinski have a new Youtube video out, the second installment in their "home video-style diy live sessions," filmed at their rehearsal warehouse in Rochester. Bad ass, inspiring, DIY film-making and music. This only has 162 views and 6 thumbs up. I feel like if this had been released 25 years ago, it would've been on Matador and a must-have video cassette. But, perhaps it will take the world 25 years to catch up to Harmonica Lewinski. My criticism is the lead singer's got a fun voice, and it's pretty buried here, but such is DIY. Take 15 minutes out of your day and make yourself a pleasure on the screen with this fun as hell video:

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Thanks and The Bordellos (UK), Shakali (Finland), and Jay Royale (Baltimore): Noise, Lo-Fi, Ambient Psych and Hip-Hop

Thanks is noise rock from Leeds. "Thankology" is a compilation of everything they've released up to this point. Digitital download, CDs, and cassettes are still available. It is so awesome, I can't stop listening it.

I listened to all of this 9 and a half minute long ambient psych piece today on my drive back to work from lunch. Killer diller:

New hip-hop from Baltimore's Jay Royale. Absolutely:

The Bordellos' "Be My Maybe/David Bowie" double A-side courtesy Metal Postcard Records is now available. Prepare to melt: