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Friday, February 3, 2023

Bandcamp Friday

Watching the "Selling Right Now" stream on the Bandcamp homepage on Bandcamp Friday is a little headspinning. After all this time, people still like to buy music. Good for everybody. Except for people who hate the intersection of art and commerce, I guess.

I'll be on KPISS.FM tomorrow at 5PM Eastern, playing some of the stuff I'm going to pick up on Bandcamp tonight, so do tune in and just listen to KPISS.FM in general. When there's not a DJ I'll use Radio Garden to find a cool station broadcasting out there, and I humbly suggest you do the same. The streaming services have their place -- I'm a big Pandora user, myself. But live radio is where it's at.

Here's some stuff to check out and maybe purchase on Bandcamp Friday or just whenever you have some coin:

The Bordellos' The Sunday Experience was originally released as a one sided 10" vinyl EP on Benevolent Antenna Records, I'm not sure the original release date, but now it's available as a pay what thou wilt download and it's 8:47 of good old fashioned Bordellos bliss:

Memphis three-piece The Wirms have a new full length, Wirms III. Great garage punk:

New punk duo, also from Memphis, Little Baby Tendencies have a full length available that came out late last month called "Bad Things." Sounds right to me, heavy y noisy:

Italy's K. Board & The Skreens (also a duo?) are back with Metal Postcard release Microdoze, and it's a doozey:

Also from Metal Postcard, the epic New No York comp has finally landed. I've been waiting on this for a while, and it does not disappoint -- hit after hit, from tip to tail, from Neon Kittens, Salem Trials, Lucy & The Drillholes, and The Clickbaiters:

I'm a big fan of Shit Present's 2016 EP Misery + Disaster, and after 6 years, they're back with a new single, and it absolutely rips:

Dykeritz submitted this with just the Bandcamp link, no EPK, no hello would love if you listened...I respect the audacity of the simplicity of the submission. The song is a bright, electro-pop single, apparently a remaster from a 2019 release from the New Jersey artist:

UK indie artist Marek Kubala has a new 4 song release called Satellite/Ramjam on Shore Dive Records. The EP is composed of dreamy "Satellite" and the more rocking "Ramjam," plus two extended mixes of "Ramjam." I like it:

DAFAKE is a minimalist, experimental electro-acoustic composer from Paris. Their newest album, Quiet Geometry, will be released on Discreet Archive on March 4. In the meantime, check out dsrpt -- two 16 minute improvisations, based on feedback loops and manipulated electromagnetic field recordings, recorded live in June 2022:

Finally, Tuscon's Class has a new 6 song album out you can order on cassette, called But Who's Reading Me?. I enjoyed their self-titled release from last year, and this sounds equally as good so far:

Saturday, January 28, 2023


I have a number of submissions I need to listen to, but in the meantime here's a show full of hits (and a few new songs to boot):

An hour of “the greatest, the greatest” as Matt celebrates life vis a vis the healing power of music, and makes one error — The Trouble With Sweeney’s “Fishtown Briefcase EP” came out in 2004 (19 years ago), not 2019. Otherwise: PERFECT SHOW.

Unrest – Cath Carroll

The Flaming Lips – God Walks Among Us Now

Pavement – Best Friend’s Arm

Beck – Thunderpeel

Pixies – Head On

Sexyy Red and Sukihana – Born By the River

Yo La Tengo – Tom Courtenay

The Trouble With Sweeney – L.T.W.T.M.S.

Brainiac – Kiss of the Dog

Veuve Scarron – Natalie Wood

Clusterfux – D.B.A.D.

Slayer – Altar of Sacrifice

Exhumed – Carbonized

Gutter – Ravine

Mos Def – The Embassy

Baby Cucks – Hot Dog in a Hot Tub

Ministry – Stigmata (Live)

Saturday, December 31, 2022


CNQ plays some favorite Bandcamp releases of the year.

Featured artist from bandcamp:

"New Band" by New Buck Biloxi


New Buck Biloxi – New Band

Vukovar – Place to Rest

Brian Bordello – Here Comes Eric with His Dead Child Song

Neon Kittens – Re-Emerge

Super Hit – Good Girls Get the Treats

Philomena  Lauprecht – Against Evil Company

IDE, Alucard, Fatboi Sharif, Shanty Gallos – Hermetic Measures

The Slime – Real Garbage

Fugitive – The Javelin

Night Shop – Universal City

Strange Neighbors – Window Watching

Robyn Hitchcock – The Shuffle Man

The Legendary Ten Seconds – The Torquay Sandyman

Fir Cone Children – Quite Okay with Mondays

Cosmic Guilt – Now I Feel It

Desborde – Hartxs

Troma – Our Kids Will Spit On Us

Ethe Agee, Preston Scarber and Rev. Dorosco Scarber – Traveling Home

The Legless Crabs – (I Wanna Be A) Cult Musician

Thursday, December 29, 2022

CNQ Video Debut: Geiger von Müller -- "Space Digger #2" from new album "Slide Sonotas I."

Hey check it out, it's the world premiere of Geiger von Müller's video for "Space Digger #2," the second single from his excellent new album, Slide Sonotas I. Based out of London, von Muller's Bandcamp page describes him as "a solid proponent of the neo-cubist semi-deconstructionist blues scene;" and the album "(explores) the pure sound of slide guitar." It's acoustic, avant garde, and awesome.

The album premiered on It's Psychedelic Baby and the first single's music video, "Space Digger #1," premiered over on Grateful Web. Here's what other folks had to say about the Slide Sonotas I.:

'Avant-garde slide maestro' -It's Psychedelic Baby Mag

'Exceptional great piece of guitar playing' -Rebellious Jukebox

'completely unique musician, instantly recognizable with a sound all of his own' -Roots & Fusion

'the right kind of strange - very creative' -Backporch Blues Ramble

The quirky video was directed by Atilla Riegler, with Lego stuff by Red Ey. Geiger says the theme is "Classic Space: exploration, science, creativity. No conflict." Slide Sonotas I. has a space-like feel throughout it, so that tracks.

Geiger also says, "I swear to God I never heard about the movie Gravity with those rad visuals until I watched it this week. Thus Space Digger #2 is in no way plagiarized from that movie. Also, we have aliens and a flying saucer, which they don't."


Monday, December 26, 2022

Occult Character

Here's a double A-side release from Occult Character on CNQ's Bandcamp page. Follow CNQ's Bandcamp page if you're a fan of Occult Character or Legless Crabs, I'm thinking of releasing stuff here and there on it this year, in addition to what's in the cooker for Metal Postcard Records: