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Thursday, November 2, 2023

CNQ Live (11.02.2023)

Haven't done a show on the blog here, via, in a while. But I did one tonight and here it is:

Sparkle Division - Have Some Punch 

Gruff Rhys - Celestial Candyfloss

Choncy - Swatted

Sophia Chablau e Uma Enorme Perda de Tempo - Musica do Esquecimento

Dickey Doo and the Don’ts - Nee Nee Na Na Na Nu Nu

The Monks - Nice Legs Shame About Her Face

Turd Sandwich - Sex In a Church

Neurotic Wreck - When Clocks Start to Melt 

Madd Black & The Stalins - Nazis Bombing USA

Guided By Voices - Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox

Cheap Date - Way That You Love

Faith No More - Midlife Crisis

Cosmic Guilt - People Jive Me

Girls Against Boys - Explicitly Yours

David Essex - Rock On

GrGr - Sex App

Nightmarer - Brutalist Imperator

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Throat Rip and Nails

The pointlessness of it all. Atrocity breeds atrocity. We find ourselves in a grim future. Welcome to caviar!

Tops type of grindcore from California:

Also from California, of course Nails' 2016 3 song EP Obscene Humanity is bad ass:

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Civic (Melbourne); Jumpstarted Plowshards (L.A.); Cecyl Ruehlen (Arizona); Rolando Bruno (Buenos Aries); Boss Rush (Birmingham); Tyvek (Detroit)

Melbourne's Civic has a new vinyl release coming out Oct. 20th, New Vietnam & Singles. I listened to it today, it's rock'n'roll, I give it an overall B or so. The best song was "Street Machine Dream," had a cool Iggy Pop vibe. I listened to the song twice today I liked it so much:

"Plowhards Revenge Potion No.4" is a fun punk single from a new Recess Records release, Round Two, by Jumpstarted Plowshards, due out in October. I didn't know it until just now but Jumpstarted Plowshards is Mike Watt (The Minutemen, fIREHOSE) and Todd Congelliere (F.Y.P, Toys That Kill). Maybe like, mention that on the Bandcamp page. I guess you just have to be in the know. This will be their second release.

Here's some interesting new musique concrete frmo Arizona-based artist Cecyl Ruehlen:

This is older, from 2015, but there's a new physical CD for it. Great combo of cumbia and garage-psych:

I haven't heard from Boss Rush in a while, their new 3 songs are, well, boss. It's from a split they're doing with a band called KinZie, I didn't get a chance to listen to KinZie today. Boss Rush are a married couple out of Birmingham. Great rock'n'roll:

Finally, Detroit's Tyvek has a new album due out in November. The first two songs on the album are available, great stuff:

Alright, 4 days, 4 posts in a row! I'm officially in manic terriority, so soon I'll burn out and you won't hear from me on here for 3 months. But, one way or the other I will be doing the Clean Nice Quiet KPISS.FM show -- remember this Saturday I'm going to start doing TWO HOURS every week, from 5 to 7 PM EST. Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The Gents (Germany); peopling (PNW); Rifle (London); Choncy (Ohio); Mouth for War (Colorado); SPLLIT (Louisiana) ; Rift Egglpant (Illinois)

Lookit this, another post, 3 in a row! I'll be playing a lot of the stuff I've shared here on the blog this week on the Clean Nice Quiet KPISS.FM show, which is now a full TWO HOURS every Saturday, from 5 to 7 PM Eastern! I'm very excited.

The Gents from Hamburg have a really bitchin' new 5 song release on their new label, Creepy Kid Records. Super noisey, super cool:

Check out this no wavey "experimental pop" single from peopling, which is the solo project of Ronnie Gonzalez. It's the lead single of an album that's due out October 27 from Already Dead:

Aggro garage punk single from London's Rifle, off a 5 track EP also due out October 27:

I fell in love with this today, great new punk from Cincinatti:

Ohhhhh man, this is so heavy!!! From an album called Bleed Yourself which, weirdly is also due out Oct. 27. What's up with that?

Fun arty post-punk single from Baton Rouge's SPLLIT, off an album called Infinite Hatch due out...October 27!?!?

From the DuPage County HC archives page, here's a righteous blast of punk from 1993:

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

New Punk and More

From Florida's XTRO tape label, this band's name is in Greek, so I translated it in Google and it translated it to "SHAMEFUL SHAME," which is a cool band name. Noisey goodness originally released in 2001, SHAMEFUL SHAME is synth punk from Athens, Greece:

So I've grown weary of "egg punk," but if you haven't, and you don't follow Goodbye Boozy, then you're missing out on a lot of new egg punk:

Here's some dancey post-punk, a welcome change from the snotty 3 chord eggpunk formula, a bitchin' new single called "Coming Our Way," from the Washington DC band Light Beams.

A dreamy, quiet single from NYC's June McDoom:

A great, trippy single from a label called Förbjudna Ljud based out of Stockholm, Sweden:

Already Dead Tapes has a split with two new Chicago acts, noise rockers Urine Hell and the industrial/experimental NÜDE. Super cool stuff:

Finally, here's a couple of cool new videos: