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Bandcamp Sampler and Some Other Stuffs

Got some cool stuff coming up -- sounds from Booger Records and new Adam Holtz! Meanwhile, here's some fun for dat ass: Here's samples of the electronic/industrial album Hynofinger by Skult, a member of the Mark Chapman Experience. My old buddy Big A is just rippin it up on the lo-fi sci-folk front: [SPACEBAR] by Scrambled ChannelsHC punk fans, this is what's up, from Sydney: 7" by Split TeethMore new HC from the UK: xCOFFEEx by CleaversHC from Poland: Split by BLOOD I BLEED / LYCANTHROPHY

Brand New on Bandcamp Sampler (2013)

Nothing has ever been made better by violence, except art. And kinky sex. Here's some new sounds from Bandcamp I think are cool. ships LP by wun twoConsolidate LP by Sir FroderickThe Post War Gamour Girls has a Nick Cave thing going on: Jazz Funerals by Post War Glamour GirlsFrom Barcelona, my favorite place I've been to outside the US, comes this Bauhaus type sound: ARTIFICIAL ORGANS - " MEMENTO MORI " 2013 REF.DOM12-L by Artificial OrgansI don't understand why bands who know they have a good song don't end it at 2:23. Still, here's The Woolen Men: s/t by the woolen menHere's some trad punk: ИO​/​/​/​sé - Euro 7" by ИO​/​/​/​sé

Guest review of the new Boards of Canada album "Tomorrow's Harvest," plus some Bandcamp fun

Friend Drewski has submitted his well-written and thoughtful review of the new Boards of Canada album, "Tomorrow's Harvest." Here's the review! Albums have become harvesting grounds to populate a playlist on an mp3 player or Spotify. Not so with “Tomorrow’s Harvest,” the latest effort from Scottish electronic artists Boards of Canada. But is that a good thing? Where their previous album, “The Campfire Headphase,” worked well as a collection or as singles, “Tomorrow’s Harvest” is more like Boards’ earlier work – best when consumed whole. That’s where the similarities end. “Tomorrow’s Harvest” lacks the youthful bounce found on earlier work like “Music Has the Right to Children,” instead incorporating a darker, funereal sound. But that’s OK. Being the masters of the build, Boards can still find a satisfying apex – when they get around to it. The real flaw of this album is that it’s more singular soundscapes and textures than full-fledged songs. It’s …