Friday, February 14, 2014

The Chanters + Damien Youth + De La Soul

Happy Valentine's Day, if you want to pretend this is a real and not manufactured by the MAN holiday, I mean. Just kiddin', I don't mind it. It is manufactured by the Man tho.

Put out on Deluxe and distributed by King Records in 1958, the Chanters "No No No" b/w "I Make This Pledge (To You)" is tight doo-wop action. The A-side, "No No No," is particularly rockin', although the chorus, "no means yes," is a little weird. But it was probably different times back then.

As a parting shot, I woke up today with the opening to this Damien Youth song on repeat in my head -- haven't heard this peach in years. But the verse kept playing in my head on repeat, ya know, and it wasn't until I was in the car on the way to work that I got to the chorus, about every day being Valentine's Day. What a genuinely pleasant sentiment, even if it is a pretend holiday manufactured by the MAN.

Enjoy yourself. Don't forget, tonight only, De La Soul is giving away their entire discography for free (except for one, their most recent album).

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