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Nails: “You Will Never Be One Of Us” (“You Will Never Be One Of Us,” Nuclear Blast Records, 2016) Grandmaster Melle Mel: “Vice” (“Music From The Television Series ‘Miami Vice,’” MCA Records, 1985) Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: “Scorpio” (Sugar Hill Records, 1982) The Jesus Lizard: “Nub” (Goat, Touch and Go, 1991) Tobin Sprout: “The Last Man Well Known To Kingpin” (“Carnival Boy,” Matador, 1996) Rats Don’t Puke: “Rats Don’t Puke” (“Dead Rat Party,” 2016) Dot Dash: “Searchlights” (“Searchlights,” The Beautiful Music, 2016) Freelove Fenner: “George Harrison Cat (Long, Long, Long Edit)” (“Fixture Records 2015,” Fixture Records, 2015) Jef E. Barbara & Freelove Fenner: “Sorcerer’s Delight” (“Sexe Machine/Sex Machine” 7”, Fixture Records, 2016) Tortoise: “The Suspension Bridge At Iguaza Falls” (“TNT,” Thrill Jockey, 1998)

Nod News

Check it out! CNQ's cassette release, Doctor Nod's "Top Tips," got picked as New Record of the Day by the fine folks at WFMU! We still have copies of "Top Tips!" See the sidebar to your right on the web version of the bloggo to order your copy via PayPal. WFMU #NewRekkid o'Day: DOCTOR NOD Cassette (Clean Nice Quiet), terrific sideways-skewered pop from Arkansas:— WFMU (@WFMU) June 13, 2016


An hour long show:

Mandrill and Michael Masser: “Ali Bombaye I (Zaire Chant)” (“Muhammad Ali In "The Greatest" Original Soundtrack,” Arista, 1977) Dr. Identity: “Mask” (Demo, 2016) Dr. Nod: “Wha???” (“Wha??? b/w Little Ride,” 2016) The Martians: “Danny Sucks” (Missing Time EP, 2016) Candy Plague: “Clown And Peacock” (Beam, Shallow Shit Records, 2016) Jan Hammer: “Evan” (Music From The Television Series "Miami Vice."MCA, 1985) Laura Lee: “Women’s Love Rights” (Women’s Love Rights, Hot Wax, 1971) Riña: “Te Detesto” (Covers, 2016) Pine Top Smith: “Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie” (The Encyclopedia of Jazz On Records Vol. 1, Decca, 1964) Jef Elise Barbara: “Sexe Machin/Sex Machine” (

Nod News

Super Cool Dept.: "Automatic Switch" from Doctor Nod's "Top Tips" cassette got played on WFMU!!! Check out the archive of the show here, and listen for more Nod trax to pop up (we hope!) on WFMU in the future:

Brian Turner: Playlist from May 24, 2016
Dr. Nod's "Top Tips" still available -- you can order directly from me via PayPal (on the right sidebar of the web version of the blog), and from the Nod bandcamp page.