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An hour long show.

The Shaggs: “It’s Halloween” (Philosophy of the World, Third World Recordings, 1969) L’Orange & Mr. Lif: “The Scribe (feat. Akrobatik & DJ QBert)” (The Life & Death of Scenery, Mello Music Group, 2016) The Puking Toms: “Fuck You” (Demo 1997) Violence Creeps: “Ratskull” (Soul Narc, Digital Regress, 2016) Jean Léon Destiné And Ensemble: “Shango” (Festival In Haiti, Elektra, 1961, re-issue of original album from 1955) The Bordellos: “Gary Glitter” (How To Lose Friends and Influence No-One, Small Bear Records, 2016) Dog, Paper, Submarine: “Kids in the Sinister Spin” (Trouble On Earth, Small Bear Records, 2016) BIB: “Psychedelic Paralysis” (Pop EP, Erste Theke Tontraeger, 2016) Thug Mills: “Half Wild Child” (Thug Mills & Chinese Football, Nasty Wizard Recordings, 2016)