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Little over an hour of wild sound:
The Egyptian Lover: “Seduced” (1984, Egyptian Empire Records, 2015) Judiciary: “Silent Vice” (The Axis of Equality, 2016) Dead Cross: “Seizure and Desist”: (Dead Cross, Ipacec Records, 2017) Secret Chiefs 3: “Spiritus Intelligentiae: Jophiel” (Ishraqiyun - Perichoresis, Web of Mimicry, 2015) Glue: “Pig Fucker” (S/T MLP, La Vida Es Un Mus, 2017) American Shit Storm: “Die?!” (American Shit Storm Vol. 1, 2017) The Cult of Percolation: “Lovin’ A Van” (Elegant Interactions Laboratory, 2017) Blackbeard: “Jazz” (I Wah Dub, More Cut Records, 1980) The Bordellos: “Starcrossed Radio” (Life, Love & Billy Fury, Recordiau Prin, 2017) Candy Fresh: “We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money)” (We Wanna Get Paid (Up The Money) 12”, 2 Sweet Records, 1990) C.A.P.: “Heart In The Next Room” ((

What's New Punk On Bandcamp

Haven't posted or done a show in a couple of months. Here's some groovy new tunes from Bandcamp. These three have new tapes out: From Helsinki: Nothing Compares To You by Yvonne and the No RegretsI love an hc demo from Florida. I just bought the last tape, sorry byeeee: Demo by JACKALFrom Indiana: Songs About Heads by Belly JellyThese two acts have new vinyl out: From Cleveland and Quality Time Records: Shagg by ShaggFrom Minneapolis: Elegant Interactions Laboratory by the Cult of PercolationDigital only, from DC: hospital socks by skrew eyez