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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catapult: "Where Is Phil Spector" b/w "S.E.A." (199?)

Catapult was an Albany, New York band who operated in the mid 1990s. This 7" was put out by Rotary Ten, at 73 Wiltshire in Williamsville, NY 14221, which from the Google maps view is a residential with a really nice pool in the back.

The "write us" info on the 7" sleeve lists 140 Terrace Ave. Albany, NY 12203, which also has a pool.

So anyway, "Where Is Phil Spector?" and "S.E.A." are fun dreampop/shoegazey type of 1990s fare. From this archived post at the non-active Burnt Toast blog, you can download Catapult's self-titled 12", which doesn't feature either of the two songs I'm sharing. Also from that site, I learned that one of the two guitars in the band was played by this cat, Sean Dack, who now resides in NYC and keeps a tumblr page.

On this archived page of the Cinnamon Songs blog, you can hear another Catapult tune called "Quarters" from a cassette release(!).

I scored this 7" gem from the Half-Price Books in Dallas for 99 cents plus tax.

Download: Where Is Phil Spector?"

Download: S.E.A.