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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Night Punk Rock World Tour Bandcamp Sampler

I need to stop feeling guilty about posting bandcamp embeds instead of my 45s. If this is what I want to do, why is one better than the other, right? It's all cool music. Sooner or later I'll start putting my 45s on here, which is what I intended to do with the blog in the first place. Also, I might start weighing in on important socio-economic issues of the day, southwestern breakfast recipes, and motherhood. Just kidding.

In the No Kidding Dept., after y'all check out these tunes, go over to Mutant Sounds and wish Jim, their founder, a well recovery.

From Las Cruces, New Mexico, dig the great "oh-oh-ohs" on this pleasant piece of pop-punk released in December:

Some brand new punk from Wien, Austria, this one has claps and "whoa-oh-ohs," which makes it tops to me:

Righteous new sound from the Czech Republic:

Loyal readers know I prefer a song that's loud, fast, and ends quickly. I'd also like them to feature minimal bs. This one from January has a cool metal guitar solo that could be construed as bs, but it doesn't go on too long, and I like it:

From the Geelong band factory (and I don't know what that is), this is exactly what's up:

This is cool stuff, off a Negative Fun Records split, of which I featured the flipside by She Rides recently: