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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Twins (Jim and John): "Jo-Ann's Sister" b/w "Who Knows The Secret" (1958): CNQ 45 Record Holder Series Episode 2

The Twins, AKA the Twin-Tones, were Jim and John Cunningham, from Hicksville, Long Island. Bruce Pollack has a really excellent interview with John Cunningham from March 2013 about the brothers' 1957 single, "Jo-Ann,". The twins wrote Jo-Ann but didn't write the follow-up "Jo-Ann's Sister" or the b-side "Who Knows The Secret". I highly recommend reading Pollack's interview with John Cunningham. It is a fascinating look into a little slice of early rock'n'roll history. At 17, the Twin-Tones were on American Bandstand, they had their song co-opted by another act due to weird copyright laws, they got to meet Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, and more (including "Bobby Darin before he was Bobby Darin"), all the while with the threat of the draft and the weird spectre of the record industry machine looming over their young heads.

Here's the 45cat listing for "Jo-Ann's Sister."

Here's a listing on ebay for the "Jo-Ann's Sister" 45. They're wanting $25 for it!

Discogs listing for Teenagers Love The Twins.

Amazon has the same album on MP3 via a label called Hallmark.

Finally, here's Jo-Ann's Sister, which someone has already posted on the youtubes:

For educational purposes only, here's "Who Knows The Secret," the b-side to Jo-Ann's Sister:

Who Knows The Secret: