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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest: Sunday!

NOON! Noon on the Black Stage is Melborne's totally metal 4ARM. I like this a lot:

Blue Stage at 12:10 is Houston's Bagheera, a 21 year old dude who does what us heavy metal kids used to call "techno" back in the 1990s:

Lemuria from Buffalo NY is on the Orange Stage at 12:30. This is pretty cool:

I think 4ARM and then Lemuria for my Sunday Starters.


On the Black Stage at 12:50 is Dallas' True Window, which purports to be a combo of stoner rock and shoegaze:

Chet Faker from Melbourne is on the Blue Stage at 1:10. Not really my bag:

At 1:20 on the Orange Stage is Santa Monica's Cayucas (formerly Oregon Bike Trails). This is okay but I think that sound where the vocals are coming from down a hallway is hacky:


On the Black Stage at 1:45 is metal-heads Narrows, from Seattle:

2:15 on the Blue Stage is Dessa, a rapper, singer and spoken word artist from Minneapolis.

The Polyphonic Spree from Dallas will be on the Orange Stage at 2:20...I'm gonna check out Narrows.


The Men from Brooklyn are gonna be on the Black Stage at 2:40. These guys should be good:

On the Blue Stage at 3:20 is Orlando's electronic act xxyyxx, which I feel may put me in a boredom induced coma, but at 3:30 on the Orange Stage is The Julie Ruin, Kathleen Hanna's band and one of our main reasons for attending FFF fest this year. Stoked!


Cloud Nothings on the Black Stage at 3:40, Shlohmo, which to me sounds like another electronic snooze-fest, is on the Blue Stage at 4:15, and even more snooze-wave with Washed Out at 4:30 on the Orange Stage. The wife wants to see comedian Rob Delaney at 4:45 on the Yellow Stage, so that works out - Cloud Nothings then Rob Delaney during this leg.


Classic punkers The Cro-Mags at 4:40 on the Black Stage. Sarah Silverman at 5:25 on the Yellow Stage, Killer Mike at 5:30 on the Ride Stage, and D.C.'s The Dismemberment Plan at 5:40 on the Orange Stage. I'd love to see The Cro-Mags, Sarah Silverman, and Killer Mike. Decisions!


Lancaster PA's August Burns Red is on the Black Stage at 5:45. I didn't like their name, and thought they looked like dbs in their pic, but I thought I'd check out a tune anyway. This, I actively dislike. If this is your bag, no offense, but I bet you're a db:

Deltron 3030, apparently with a full orchestra, is the Blue Stage at 6:20, and on the Yellow Stage at 6:25 is Austin's folk-poppy Wild Child:

MGMT on the Orange Stage at 6:50, so I can catch Deltron and MGMT with no problem, I think, and try to seriously avoid that August Farts Red claptrap. Can't like everything!


Gojira at 6:55 on the Black Stage, Bonobo at 7:30 on the Blue Stage, and Daniel Johnston at 7:35 on the Yellow Stage. It's Gojira then Johnston for me.


The Locust is on the Black Stage at 8, which I'd like to see:

Jurassic 5 on the Blue Stage at 8:45, but I've always been a little bored by them.

On the Orange Stage, from 8:30 to 9:45, is one of my three grail bands when we first got tickets: Slayer. The other two were Deathgrips, who have since cancelled because they don't seem to have their shit together, and King Khan and The Shrines, who sadly for me play the Black Stage from 8:55 to 9:45, all but 25 minutes concurrent with Slayer.

I knew, when I was a child, that I was really wasting my time in school and what I should've been learning was how to bi-locate. That skill, to physically manifest in two places at once, would've really come in handy during this, the most serious of my scheduling conflicts during the entirety of this three day event. Since I can't bi-locate, I must choose Slayer. King Khan, I'll catch ya some other time.