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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Postcode: Zebratronic (2014)

The Isle of Man's Mikie Daugherty and Marie Reynolds are the duo behind Postcode. Their third album, "Zebratronic," has been released by Small Bear Records, and is 14 solid tracks, featuring, per their press release, "Drum machines, synths, guitars that don't sound like guitars (and plenty that do), screwdrivers, drumsticks and an increased deployment of slide, along with a complete lack of standard tuning." The result is highly listenable rock 'n' roll, with a fuzzy, shoe-gazey aesthetic and charming hooks. I think fans of Yo La Tengo and/or My Bloody Valentine will enjoy this album.

Zebratronic can be listened to in its entirety on Bandcamp and the download is pay-what-thou-wilt, with a physical edition coming with a bonus track. Here's a couple of tracks. Enjoy!