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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Quick 1960s-70s Pop & Rock Youtube Mix

Heck yeah. My buddy Jerry at work loaned me a box of his old 45s, unopened since like forever ago. I forget when he said, but I think it's been a decade or so since he had packed these away. Anyway, it's a gold mine, and I'll be going through it here on CNQ in the coming weeks. I pulled out a double stack from the box tonight and I figured as I went through them, you and I could enjoy the ones that are already on Youtube.

This is probably my favorite Neil Diamond song. This was Lulu's B-side for "To Sir With Love." It gets rockin:

From the Kinks' Low Budget:

According to Wikipedia, "(Low Budget) was a great success for the group, becoming their best-selling non-compilation album," but "'(Wish I Could Be Like) Superman'" was their only single from this album to chart. Interesting.

Okay, so as always, more to come.