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Friday, June 27, 2014

More New New from Bandcamp

For my fancy new Bandcamp fan page, I went thru the blog here and clicked follow on the Bandcamp pages of everybody I've featured from that site up until now. Some may consider that effort a lame waste of time but I had fun doing it, so there. And, several of the bands I've featured in past Bandcamp mix posts have new stuff out. Here's some of the best:

Riot grrrls ConeTrauma from Iowa City, Iowa uploaded this 3 song EP last week. Awesome stuff:

Shark? is from Brooklyn, as is the label this was released on, Old Flame Records. Another 3 song EP released in the middle of this month. Solid rock'n'roll:

From Lexington, Kentucky, here's some fun, weird, poppy psych:

I haven't featured anything from Croatia's Doomtown Records in a while, and that's my fault. They released this on the 11th of this month, a split between Modern Delusion and Chresus. I went on a Wire kick today, listened to 154 and Pink Flag, and that Modern Delusion reminds me of it. The Chresus is sweet lo-fi:

I gotta go jam with my buddy on but bandcamp is super-fun.