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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Liquid Skulls & Sorry State Records

My pal Jimmy Spice recommended this sweet shoegaze from the UK on his fb page:

Check out Jimmy's righteous sound, Liquid Skulls:

Sorry State Records sent me their distro/label news update, which is super-nice of them. Thanks guys! Here's some cool news and stuff you can order from them:

From Phoenix, hc Gay Kiss has an LP coming out in the fall --

You can order this FRAU 12" here, from Sorry State. Awesome punk rock from London:

Priests I'd never heard of, so I googled them and saw this awesomeness has already been featured on brooklynvegan and stereogum, so you know, they're famous already. But just in case you're like me and have your head under a rock, here's something cool:

Lumpy and the Dumpers Demo 7" from Negative Jazz was #1 on Sorry State's top distro sellers for June. Indeed, they are sold out at the Negative Jazz bigcartel page and on Sorry State. It was mentioned on pitchfork back in April, there was probably only like 300 pressed, right, so there you go.

Rad hc from a label called Konton Crasher:

Sorry State has a ton of stuff available so go check them out!