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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#Hashtag Ferguson

The Ferguson thing is weighing heavy on our minds. Our thoughts are with the Brown family.

You've probably seen this already, but here's my hero Killer Mike speaking about it and getting choked up, hours after the verdict was announced. Run the Jewels happened to be playing in Saint Louis last night.

Here's a Noisey interview with Killer Mike about that speech, Ferguson, and the state of affairs in general. As I said, Killer Mike is my hero. I'm so proud and excited that a guy my age is speaking out about the stuff I believe, being rational and responsible about it, and getting positive media attention.

In the wake of the grand jury decision last night, A-F Records is now donating all proceeds from their new protest compilation, This Concerns Everyone, to the Ferguson Defense Fund. You can buy the album on bandcamp for a buck. Go do it.

The Ferguson Public Library could use your help as well.

Because Killer Mike and El-P are besties, here's a new song about besties from Portland, courtesy Dirtnap Records: