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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

All That New New From Bandcamp

Got a lot of new stuff tonight, a few of the labels I follow opened their floodgates this month. Prepare to rock: all of what follows is killer action.

From Negative Fun Records, this new four song e.p. from Daddy Issues is available on limited edition smokey pink tape shell cassette for $5. I don't care for the cassette revival myself, but I understand they're easy and cheap to put out. I have boxes of those hissy, worthless things in the closet and nothing to play them on. Still, this is cool:

Crapoulet Records has this awesome available as pay what thou wilt. 47 punk songs that average 45 seconds a piece, nothing comes too close to the two minute mark. Whoa!

New Orleans' Buck Biloxi and the Fucks have their first album digitally available, dl for $10:

Old Manx pals Postcode have a new Limited Edition CD-R available. 7 songs for what I think is $5 or so USD plus that shipping.

I love this grindcore I discovered courtesy Baltimore's SPHC Records. What is wrong with these guys?! Someone help them:

This set is all wild new releases from the SPHC bandcamp page, more of what my wife calls "an awful racket":

From Germany's ETT:

Also from ETT, I'm into this fascist Devo rip-off:

From Grave Mistake Records, DC's Red Death's new new:

Frantic City Records has this 2 song e.p. for five euros, digital download. I like both songs:

Reno's Slovenly Records has this fun stuff - vinyl 45s for $5.25 and shipping, or $2 digital dl:

Indie pop-rock from Pittsburgh:

This is a new label to me, 6131 from Los Angeles. Really like this track:

And best for last, pay what thou wilt Canadian punk-out. Love it: