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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lucky 7 to Start the Week: New Lo-Fi, Loud Punk, Live Rockin', and One Argentinian Freak-Out

I'll start out with a longer one than usual, but I like this song. Frodus was a DC band that operated from 1993-1999, and rose again in 2009-2010. They played mathy hardcore. This is from a live show at the Black Cat Club in DC, I think in '99:

Philly's Doom Whore sounds pretty cool. This was put out in March 2014:

Interesting freak-out, from Argentina. Maybe a little Man Man-ish, and in Spanish:

Hardcore from Portland. These guys have a cassette demo you can order for $5:

Per the band's bandcamp page, this was recorded in one of their grandma's garage back in '07, I think the guitarist Sean, who is now in a band called Cumstain. I love it.

I think this is from Japan? It's cool: