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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Brief Interlude From Fallout 4

Our hearts and minds are with our Parisian friends as they deal with the aftermath of the 11/13 attack. It is my contention that compassion and common decency will eventually win against violence, hate, terror, and war. It's certainly going to be an uphill struggle, but truly I tell you, some of you who are living today will not taste death before you see humanity learn to deal with each other in a peaceful and respectful fashion.

Anyway. It's been a month since I went through my email updates, and this batch only covers about a week's worth, but I gotta get back to Fallout 4. I mean, if I don't save the wasteland, then who will?

Let's start with a bloc of cool new female fronted rock'n'roll.

Four song grindcore EP that's like 4 and a half minutes long from Tours, France:

London's La Vida Es Un Mus Discos has re-issued this great kbd punk album from Barcelona's Ultimo Resorte. The band was active from '79 to '84, but this was originally released in 2009. I dunno if it's a best of, or what, but it's really rad:

I heart Canada's Hag Face:

CNQ's favorite Manx alt-rockers Postcode have a new 5 track live album, recorded for Internet radio station Dandelion Radio:

Found these awesome punk tracks courtesy the Sorry State Records update:

From Oakland, CA. 7" available on their bandcamp page:

From London:

From North Carolina:

From Brooklyn:

From Portland's Resurrection Records, I'm not sure where the band is from. Cool fuzzy garage rock:

More rock'n'roll from Resurrection Records:

New hip-hop from Detroit:

Finnish no-wavey noise rock. From a full length album that's very Beefheartian:

CNQ's favorite Japanese lo-fi pop artiste, Boys Age, has a new 13 track album, available for dl or on cassette:

From Toronto, this is from a really rockin' 6 song EP:

Ramones-esque rock'n'roll from Costa Rica:

Heck yeh, from Sweden:

A funky/dance-able ditty from Glasgow to round out the set:

More later. Stay strong, remain vigilant, and don't let assholes spoil your party!