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Monday, November 9, 2015

New Punk: HC Crust, Grindcore, Synth and Garage...mostly from Dallas but a couple from Denton and one from Salt Lake City.

This show is going on right now in Fort Worth, I've been wanting to see Pavel Chekov for a while but fate keeps conspiring against me. This time, it's a Monday night and we just got back from vacation, so we're too pooped to party. Here's a song from each of the bands playing tonight:

Female fronted crusty doom from DFW:

From Denton:

"Progressive Crust" from Salt Lake City:

I've featured this track and other songs from Dallas' Pavel Chekov several times before, but they always bear repeating:

Anyway, if I wasn't such a boring wuss I'd just drive out to that show. This first song is from Denton, but the three after that are all new releases from Dallas:

Grindcore from a full length released back in March. Apparently these guys have been around for a while:

Brand new Spanish synth-punk:

Noisy garage, released October 30th: