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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Punk Out To The Max: French Crust, Puerto Rican Resistance, Synth-Punk from Dallas, Grindcore from the UK, and Wisconsin Fuzz

HC crust from France. This was released all the way back in 2004:

Puerto Rico's Enrique Lópe heads Krampus Records, is the Madd Blake of Madd Blake y Los Stalins, and has put out a lot of great stuff in the past few years. Here's a new project of his called República Bananera, "Resistance Songs From A Pre-Apocalyptic Puerto Rico":

Cool post-punk from Dallas, off an LP available on their bandcamp page. This is from last October:

Let's get down to it with this extreme heaviness from a UK band called Brainshit. This will be out soon, from a split cassette release along with a band called Anti-Social Behavior, courtesy the Mind Ripper Collective:

Fuzzy, poppy punk from Madison, Wisconsin. This was put out in 2011: