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Thursday, January 21, 2016


HC with a little post-punk in it from Minneapolis:

A lot of post-punk and a little hc in this Wire-esque track, also from Minneapolis. I featured a track off this album, "Human Exploration," back in December, and Boston Hassle did a good review of the record back in July 2015. Here's another track from the album:

Here's some HC from Austin, courtesy London's Static Shock:

Arkansan first rate freak out artist and CNQ main man Dr. Nod just uploaded 6 tracks of unearthed material from 2014. Garage-psych sleeze-pop yeh!

Todayshits from Lexington has a new album out, chock-full of short little lo-fi psych-pop ditties:

More psych-pop, this from France and La Rochelle's Frantic City Records:

Sweden's Impo and the Tents have a new 7" out on Berlin's Alien Snatch! Records. This was actually put back in September I guess, but it's new to me. Sugary fourth wave power pop:

From power pop to grindcore. These angry fellows are from France, and this is new, off a split with the Indonesian band Proletar (the second song is by Proletar), on Massachusett's Give Praise Records:

Cool piece of punk rock history here from LA's Frontier Records bandcamp page:

"In the late '70s, Dangerhouse Records--that most legendary of punk rock labels--released a handful of indispensable 7-inches and two 12-inches: records that everyone knows, worships and collects. One of the 12-inches was Black Randy's Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie, and the other, released in 1979, was the one-sided, six-song, silkscreened picture EP, Yes L.A.

"The title was a take-off on the seminal No Wave compilation album released a year earlier, No New York, and the Dangerhouse kids even went so far as to include the disclaimer "Not produced by Brian Eno" on the record. The original was limited to 2,000 copies, every one screened by hand and packaged in a clear bag with a white cardboard backing.

"2013: Frontier has taken great pains to reproduce every detail of the original EP, from the ink to the bag and cardboard, right down to custom-cut mylar seals for the flap. Still, there are a couple of differences: for example, there were only 1,000 of these made rather than the original's run of 2,000. As for the rest, we'll let you discover them for yourself.

Available in your choice of red on green, blue on green or black on green."

Here's the whole thing, this is great!

Alright, in near-future posts I've got more January releases coming, plus new Adam Holtz. And just in case you didn't know, that Black Randy and the Metrosquad album is available in full on Youtube. I just listened to the whole thing for the first time a few days after Bowie died.