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Friday, February 26, 2016

Cassette Revival!?

If you thought the new CNQ podcast was fancy, I'm pleased to announce Clean Nice Quiet is doubling down on fancy with the addition of old time buddy Kale Ogle to CNQ as creative director, blog contributor, and general purveyor of with-itness and heptacality. We've got some cool stuff planned for CNQ so stay tuned.

I've been resisting it for a while but Kale's convinced me to get back into cassette tapes. I ordered my first one in forever a few weeks ago -- Wondercat's Ocean Maniacs, put out by GutterLoon Records in Florida. It's 9 songs worth of outsider gold. Here's their rad cover of Icona Pop's Then We Kiss:

I'd never heard of Icona Pop before, but apparently they're a thing. So I guess I'm not that cool.

Anyway, in honor of the resurgence of the cassette tape, here's new stuff available on that format via Bandcamp. First up is a song off the debut album from Cincinnati's Bummer's Eve. I've been following them since they put out a 2 song 7" last year. The new self-titled is also available on vinyl and CD. This song rules:

This is 3 live songs from a band called Teenage Chainsaw, off a 24 band live compilation called Live at Second Empire Philadelphia, put out by Philly's Mace Canister Recordings, which is new to me.

Mexican punk on a Canadian label called Runstate Tapes:

Also from Runstate:

More punk from Canada:

Distorted d-beat hardcore from Italy: