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Friday, February 12, 2016

Clean Nice Quiet Episode #3!

New podcast episode! You can find it on whatevs podcast app you use, or itunes, or listen here.

Bully: “Six” (2015)
Future Death: “Trickin” (2016)
Mesa Cosa: “Why Yo Ya Ya Ya (Noise Edition)” (2014)
Punch: “They Don’t Have To Believe” (2014)
Electrocutioner: “Pig Slaughter” (2014)
ConeTrauma: “Baby” (2014)
The Fails: “Walking and Waiting” (1994)
The Premiers: “Get On This Plane” (1968)
Alfonso Ramos y su Orchestra: “El Sonsonete” (1973)
Robert Pollard: "Subspace Biographies" (1998)
Andrew Thomson: “Buss Pass” (2013)
Single Mothers: “Motorbikes and Epitaphs” (2014)
Ausmuteants: “Dump the Dumpers” (2015)
The Rock Steady Crew: “(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew” (1983)
Elizabeth Cotten: “Shake Sugaree” (1980s? released 2004)
The Shaggs: “You’re Something Special To Me” (1968 or ‘69)
Schizo Fun Addict: “Her Name Is Love” (2015)
The Bordellos: “I May Be Reborn” (2015)
Lucille Bogan: “Till The Cows Come Home” (recorded sometime in the early 30s