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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Clean Nice Quiet Episode #4

Underground punk, hip-hop, electronic, and more obscure stuff from the CNQ record vault!

Mirage 512: “Babylon Lullaby” (2016)
Discipline: “Satan Loves Me This I Know” (2015)
Scumraid: “Chattering Teeth” (2016)
Bobby Freeman: “C’Mon and Swim Part 2” (1964)
Ultimo Resorte: “Violencia” (1982)
The Pooh Sticks: “Teenage High” (1989)
Vukovar: “Concrete” (2015)
The Tubed Giaco One Man Band: “Hardcore Surf” (2016)
Pavel Chekov: “Proprietor” (2016)
Liquid Skullz: “No Soul” (2016)
Ippu Mitsui: “Dodedin Odori” (2016)
Annie and the Station Orchestra: “Heavy Artillery Ward” (2016)
Amadeo and His Indian Harps: “The Grasshopper (El Cigarron)” (1963)
Korla Pandit: “Tone Power!” (1979)
Sunk: “Weight” (2016)
 mommy: “Pitied and Pretty” (2015)
 Nose, featuring Young Deuce: “Trill Shit” (2015)