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Friday, April 1, 2016

CNQ Podcast #9

Don't forget, Doctor Nod's "Top Tips" 15 song cassette is now on sale...see the sidebar for how to order.

Doctor Nod: “Drugs” (2016)
Madd Blake y Los Stalins: “Yo Quiero Ser Una Rata” (2016)
Stickers: “Egg” (2015)
Mooseknuckle Sandwich: “Shitty Stinky Farts” (2016)
Violence: “We Want Anarchy” (2016)
Jackie Edwards: “Back Street Girl” (1968)
Dan Mason: “Waiting For You” (2016)
Silver Dollars: “So What If It’s Over” (2016)
Scrambled Channels: “Intro To [Spacebar]” (2013)
Pierre Bachelet: “Emmanuelle” (1974)
Pale Kids: “St. Gerard” (2016)  
The Grifters: “Under The Ground” (1993)
Ruth Wallis: “Do It Yourself Kit” (1952)
Crocodiles: “U Sexy Thing” (2015)

Music from Mathematics Played by IBM 7090 Computer (arranged by Dr. MV Matthews): “Bicycle Built For Two” (1962)