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Sunday, May 8, 2016

CNQ Podcast #14, plus New Videos from Mirage512 and Dog, Paper, Submarine

A little over 40 minutes of tunes, a free-form mix of new punk, rock, hip-hop, Americana, Latin big band and jazz from the mid-20th century, psych from the 60s, and a Tammy Faye Bakker song. Tammy sings tonight on CNQ!

The Sweathearts: “Man Meat” (from “Boner Jamzzz,” available on Bandcamp, 2016)
Dog, Paper, Submarine: “View From The Sidewalk” (available on Bandcamp, from the forthcoming mini lp “Trouble On Earth,” 2016)
Mirage512: “It Don’t Stop” (from “The Amelioration Collection,” available on Soundcloud, 2016)
The Monkberries: “Wide Prairie” (from “Black Star/Wide Prairie” available on Bandcamp, 2016)
Xavier Cugat: “Miami Beach Rhumba” (from "Cugat Calvacade," Columbia, 1958)
Crime Department: “Snooze” (from “Bad Sex” EP, available on Bandcamp, 2016)
GUSH: “Where The Fuck Is My Skin” (from "Naughty NuFF," Ooey Gooey Tapes, 2015)
Swimsuit Addition: “Sister” (from demo off “Dumb Dora,” due out 2017, 2016)
Elephant’s Memory: “Jungle Gym at the Zoo” (from “Elephant’s Memory,” Kama Sutra, 1969)
The Miles Davis Quintet: “Drad Dog” (from "The Headliners, Vol 2," Columbia, 1961)
Neurotic Wreck: “Let’s Make Hate” (from “Priceless, Bloody Priceless,” available on Bandcamp, 2016)
Tammy Faye Bakker: “You Can Make It” (from “You Can Make It,” PTL Records and  Tapes, 1982)
Also, tonight, here's two new videos. First up is new hip-hop from Austin's Mirage512, off his The Amelioration Collection, available on Soundcloud. Mirage512's song "It Don't Stop," also from The Amelioration Collection, is featured on the new podcast (see above).

MIRAGE512 (@MIRAGE512) - MY PEOPLE from MIRAGE512 on Vimeo.

Next up is the new video for Dog, Paper, Submarine's new song, "View From the Sidewalk," from their upcoming mini-lp "Trouble On Earth." "View From the Sidewalk" also featured on tonight's podcast! Dog, Paper, Submarine is from Sweden.


Dog, Paper, Submarine - View From The Sidewalk from Tobias Åström on Vimeo.