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Sunday, May 29, 2016

CNQ Podcast #16

40 minutes of new trash, hc, psych, and synth punk; plus new vaporwave and synth-pop, 90s lo-fi, and 60s bubblegum rock.

Stress Factor: “Attack!” (Just A Tape, 2016)
Puddle of Blood: “Regrets” (Crack Yr Skull, 2016)
Amphetamine: “Nail Me To the Cross” (Amphetamine Demo Cassette, Rat Trax, 2016)
Butch Meathook: “Donald Trump’s Monster Truck (Feel The Magic)” (S/T, 2016)
Weel Byte: “Skatings Cool Your Not” (Demo, City of Dis, 2016)
Portastatic: “San Andreas Crouch” (San Andreas Crouch 7”, Esther Records, 1994)
Guided By Voices: “The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone” (The Opposing Engineer Sleeps Alone 7”, Chunk Records, 1995)
Girls Against Boys: “Bulletproof Cupid” (Bulletproof Cupid 7”, Touch and Go, 1993)
Doctor Nod: “My Melon” (Top Tips, Clean Nice Quiet, 2016)
Nervous Curtains: “Low Defender” (Low Defender,  2016)
Nettle: “Get Out” (S/T, 2016)
Crime Department: “Physical Wi-Fi” (Physical Wi-Fi, 2016)
Dan Mason: “Tonight” (Miami Virtual, 2015)
Ohio Express: “Mercy” (Mercy 7”, Buddha Records, 1969)
Jef Elise Barbara: “Sexe Machin/Sex Machine” (Sexe Machin/Sex Machine 7”, Fixture Records, 2016)
GAR GAR: “Mutant” (GAR GAR, 2016)