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Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Punk and Rock'n'Roll from Bandcamp

Scotland's Mind Ripper Collective has just released a three song tribute EP to grindcore legend Assück. Contributing bands are Dallas' Pavel Chekov, California's Gruk, and Indiana's Nak'ay. From MRC's bandcamp site you can pre-order the less than three minute long EP on a lathe-cut 5" flexi or pay what you will DL:

New 5 song demo EP from a band called Croche, courtesy Montreal's Runstate Records:

The UK's Vukovar has a new video for their song "The Blood Garden," off their new album "Voyeurism," available on bandcamp from Small Bear Records:

Jay over at Dynamite Hemorrhage already shared this gem from London's La Vida Es Un Mus, but it's worth sharing again:

Speaking of something you know about all ready: