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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Mostly new lo-fi stuff from Bandcamp, countered at the end with the best Pink Floyd song of them all. 30 minutes or so:

ROHT: “Strakarnir Okkar” (ROHT EP, 2016)
Glenn Robinson: “11:45AM” (Desk Job, 2016)
Buried! In Slime: “dixOUT” (dixOUT, 2016)
Earth Girls: “Expensive Habits” (Wanderlust, Grave Mistake Records, 2016)
Chelsey and the Noise: “Graveyard” (Losing Landscapes, 2016)
Planet Death: “Transparent” (#1, 2016)
PWR BTTM: “Projection” (2016)
The Paranoyds: “Map” (The Paranoyds and Fernando and the Teenage Narcs Split EP, Loose Grip Records, 2016)
x=: “Disaster Porn” (5 Walls LP, 2016)
Pink Floyd: “Fearless” (Meddle, Harvest, 1971)