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Sunday, September 25, 2016


45 minute rock'n'roll show.

Robert Pollard: “Maggie Turns To Flies” (Not In My Airforce, Matador, 1996)
Turnstyle: “Spray Water On The Stereo” (Turnstyle Country, Spunk, 1999)
Lenola: “Lazy Eye” (Treat Me To Some Life, File 13 Records, 2001)
Wildspeaker: “Desecration Plague” (Guilt and His Reflection, Broken Limb Recordings, 2016)
Cara Neir: “Ego Eats Man” (Guilt and His Reflection, Broken Limb Recordings, 2016)
Scrambled Channels: “Omega Shot, Shield God” (Kirk Unit, 2014)
Violence Creeps: “Windowshopper” (The Gift of Music, Total Punk 2016)
Sunk: “Defeat” (S/T, Abnormal Broadcasting, 2016)
Ausmuteants: “Silent Genes” (Band of the Future, 2016)
Os Replicantes: “Nicotina” (Os Replicantes - Compacto 1985, Punch Drunk/Nada Nada Discos, 2016, originally released in 1985/87?)
Cherubs: “Fist In The Air” (Fist In The Air EP, Brutal Panda Records, 2016)
Triathalon: “South Side: (Cold Shower, 2016)
Candy Plague: “Cassini Minus Huygens” (Beam, Shallow Shit Records, 2016)
Jævndøgn: “Ulv” (Punkkoncert; 2016)
Thin Skin: “Trump Is a Pig” (Live At The Double Wide, 2015)