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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Little over an hour long show:

The Gilbert Shelton Ensemble: “Southern Stock Car Man” (If I Were A Hell’s Angel 7”, ESP-Disk, 1966)
Mighty Sparrow: “Obeah Wedding” (Obeah Wedding 7”, National Record Company, 1966)
You People: “Deliver Me Home” (Dropouts LP, Custom Made Music, Scheduled for Late Fall, 2016)
Phern: “Pebble” (Cool Coma LP, Fixture Records, available November 25, 2016)
Fear City: “The Color of Blood” (Debut album to be released 11/18/16)
Rebel Flesh: “The Looker” (Hold You Tight, Rebel Flesh, 2016)
The Invincible Czars: “The Crypt” (Nosferatu: Music From Silent Films Vol. VII, 2015)
Mirage512: “They Wrong (Bruh)” (Amelioration Collection, 2016)
Rapeman: “Up Beat” (Two Nuns And A Pack Mule, Touch and Go, 1998)
Bully: “I Remember” (Feels Like, Startime International, 2015)
Yo La Tengo: “Tom Courtenay” (Electr-O-Pura, Matador, 1995)
Scrambled Channels: “Empire’s Forward Scouts” (Kirk Unit, 2014)
Thug Mills: “Missy Huggins” (Thug Mills & Chinese Football, Nasty Wizard Recordings, 2016)
Violence Creeps: “Watching Me” (Soul Narc, Digital Regress, 2016)
The Bordellos: “Stone Turns To Stone” (How To Lose Friends And Influence No-One, Small Bear Records, 2016)
Johnny Fox: “Xícaras de Chá” (Cais, 2016)
Wardell Gray: “Just You, Just Me” (Way Out Wardell, Modern Records, 1956, from a live recording done in Los Angeles, 1948)
Guided By Voices: “How’s My Drinking” (Isolation Drills, TVT Records, 2001)