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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What I Listened To Today

This is the first track off a new digital album called "Work Ethic" by Respect the God, out of Brooklyn, put out on Creative Juices Music. 16 tracks of more or less solid hip-hop, with a few skits. Shake It Up is a rad single:

This is the lead track off Damien Youth's 2011 10 song album The Citizen, also available on bandcamp as a digital album. Lo-fi freak-folk from New Orleans. Damien Youth's been at this a while, check out his catalog on bandcamp if you dig this:

New from the UK, "Twitch" by James Kruman is an interesting album in the same lo-fi/bedroom psych/freak-folk vein as Damien Youth. Put out back in December, "Twitch" is a 10 song album you can buy digital or on CD:

Usually I don't go in for anything that sounds like Social Distortion, but I wound up listening to all 8 songs on "Verne" today, by New Zealand's Liberated Squid, and hey, I enjoyed it. Besides "The Spirit of a Union Man," stand-out tracks were "Gabba Gabba Hey (Pinhead mix)" and "Verne's A Cunt." Believe it or not it's clever, fun stuff. Digital album is available on bandcamp for pay what thou wilt: