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Sunday, February 19, 2017


About an hour of new rock'n'roll and more. Plus me struggling with my mic levels and popping 'p's. Lo-fi bo-bo podcast for the messes...also available for streaming and/or download on itunes, mixcloud, various podcast apps, and directly from the CNQ blog.

The Bordellos: “I’m A Man (version 1)” (The Bordellos Underground Tape Vol. 5, 2017)
The Paranoyds: “Bear” (Eat Their Own, 2016)
Shit Present: “House (Breakdown)” (Misery+Disaster, Specialist Subject Records, 2016)
Clara Engel: “A Cold Storm Crawls Inside” (Arctic Poppies, 2017)
Damien Youth: “Black Feather” (The Missing Company Demos, 2017)
Madd Blake y los Stalins: “Mi Novia Es Un Zombi” (Primitivo!, 2016)
Spud and the Blood: “Easy Cynic” (Spud and the Blood, Abnormal Broadcasting, 2017)
Bib: “The Face” (The Face, Self-Released Tour Tape, 2017)
Chocolate Milk: “Ain’t Nothin’ But A Thing” (Actions Speak Louder Than Words/Ain’t Nothin’ But A Thing 7”, RCA Victor, 1975)
Jack Hardy: “They Were Melting” (For The Sake of Finding Your Clothes, Custom Made Music, 2016)
Idiota Civilizzato: “Perverso” (La Vita Silenziosa, Static Shock Records, 2017)
Alejandro Escovedo: “Shave The Cat” (Burn Something Beautiful, Fantasy, 2016)
Fuzzsucker: “Glam Trouble” (Naughty, 2016)
Big Youth: “Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” (Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing 7”, Trojan Records, 1975)