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Monday, April 17, 2017


A little under an hour of new and newish rock'n'roll from Bandcamp, plus a Faith No More classic.

Pale Kids: “The Binder’s Chills” (Holy Mess, Frux Tapes, 2017)
The Bordellos: “Pretty Rich Girl” (The Bordellos Underground Tape Volume 5, 2017)
Lizzie Boredom: “Dead Men Can’t Cat Call” (2017)
The Submissives: “Boys, Boys, Boys” (Do You Really Love Me?, Fixture Records, 2016)
Black Abba: “Let’s Fight” (B-side from an upcoming 7” to be released on Ken Rock, 2017)
Jesus Chris + The Beetles: “Let’s Make The World A Better Place” (Trickle Down, 2017)
Spud And The Blood: “Sad Boi” (Spud and the Blood, Abnormal Broadcasting, 2017)
Thin Skin: “Burgers & Thighs” (TS​/​FN <3, Pecan Crazy Records, 2016)
Doctor Nod: “Tom Creeps” (I Know It’s True EP, 2017)
Mala Leche: “Risas Rabiosas” (Demo, 2016)
Violence Creeps: “Back And To The Left” (The Gift of Music, Total Punk Records, 2016)
Thug Mills: “Lizard Duke” (Thug Mills & Chinese Football, Nasty Wizard Recordings, 2016)
Damien Youth: “Lost At Home (Song For Kate)” (The Missing Company Demos, 2017)
Bummers Eve: “I Wanna Die” (Bummers Eve, 2016)
Total Abuse: “Chew On The Cage” (excluded, Deranged Records, 2016)
Supersonic Piss: “Go Home Dad, You’re Drunk Pt. 2” (S/T, Rotted Tooth Records, 2011)
Faith No More: “Everything’s Ruined” (Angel Dust, Slash/Reprise Records, 1992)