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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tingo Tongo Tapes

Tingo Tongo Tapes is a label based out of L.A., focusing on cassette releases of experimental noise, electronic and non-electronic projects. If outsidery noise art is your bag, you'll want to check 'em out if you're not already hep. Here's a sampling of the Tingo Tongo catalog.

The latest on Tingo Tongo's Soundclound page is "Synaptic Seepage" by Squim. Here's track 10, Non-Dairy Creamer:

From last month, here is "Empire of Rusted Steel," off Psychiceyeclix by Solar Schematics:

Super-freaky from MMzblast:

I featured BE; on the March podcast. Here's another track off their weird "At The Start."

So, yeah, get your freak on with Tingo Tongo Tapes -- they've got new releases in the works as well.

Meanwhile, April's CNQ podcast will come out whenever I feel like putting it out. I've been rocking a complete recordings of J.S. Bach the past few weeks and have an acute case of T-Rexstasy as well. "The Slider" is so killer diller.