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Saturday, January 6, 2018


An hour and 20 minutes of new rock'n'roll with a dose of new hip-hop & electro, plus the usual smattering of vinyl obscurities, and more!

The Bordellos: “Melody Inn Dandelion Radio Session Version” (Underground Tape 10, 2018)
USA Nails: “Oven Degreaser Lisa” (N/A 14-17, 2017)
Hands Up Who Wants To Die: “Manon” (Split with B.O.B., Gabu Records, 2014)
Chad and Jeremy: “From A Window” (The Best of Chad and Jeremy, Capitol Records, 1966)
Mirage: “U Know What It Iz (Produced by Arson Optics)” (Digital Single, 2017)
Stye: “Champagne Bottle Teeth” (Collapse and Decay, 2018)
Mirror Box: “Silver Rocket” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series December 2017: Sonic Youth, 2017)
La Fea: “Bull In The Heather” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series December 2017: Sonic Youth, 2017)
Benjamin Davis Murphy: “All Used Up/Jar of Cardinals” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series June 2017: Guided By Voices, 2017)
Cmn Ineed Yr Hlp with Emily Jancetic: “Alternate Title” (PRF Monthly Tribute Series November 2017: The Monkees, 2017)
Rosewater: “Sugar Shaker” (Love Bomb, 2017)
Mommy Long Legs: “Dick Move” (Rock Product, Youth Riot Records, 2017)
Inez Teddlie: “Firefly” (Miss Inez...At Your Request, DRC Production, circa 1960s)  
Dandelion Massacre: “Cuddles, Stat.” (Pretty Little Flowers//Cuddles, Stat!, 2018)
L.A. Law: “Breakman” (Law and Order, Burger Records, 2017)
Geraldo Pino: “Heavy, Heavy, Heavy” (Nigeria Soul Power 70, Soul Jazz Records, 2017, original release 1970s)
Robert Rothbard: “Nap” (The Happy Ten, 2017)
Charley Patton: “High Water Everywhere Part 1” (High Water Everywhere 10”, Paramount, 1930)
The Lindas: “Same Salami” (8 by 9, ReFry Records, 2017)
Fernando and the Teenage Narcs: “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend” (Last Dance With Mary Jane (Cuz I’m Bustin’ Dope Smokers), ReFry Records, 2017)
True Body “Over It” (Over It/Tourists, cassette single due out soon on Custom Made Music, 2017)
Goodbye, Old Me: “Konsum” (Schade, Dass Beton Nicht Brennt!, 2017)
Ministry with William S. Burroughs: “Quick Fix” (Just One Fix Single, Sire, 1992)  
Tubeway Army: “Me! I Disconnect From You” (Replicas, Beggars Banquet, 1979)
Ken Curtis: “Corn Bread and Buttermilk” (Gunsmoke’s Festus Sings and Talks About Dodge City and Stuff, originally released by Capitol Records, 1968, my copy: Pickwick re-issue)