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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Selections From Adam Holtz: Volume 23 (2018)

Alabama's singer/songwriter/guitarist and all around musician Adam Holtz and CNQ have had a pleasant relationship since 2012, when Adam found I had shared an old 45 of his on the blog. He was nice enough to send me a comp of his new material to share, and over the past seven years, I've gotten a new comp from him around the end of every year.

It's become a nice tradition, and in keeping with that tradition, I'm pleased to present five selections from Adam's Volume 23, a collection of 24 original songs that brings Adam up to over 400 copyrighted songs.

Adam needs your positive vibes sent his way. I hope to keep getting that new volume of his tunes every year for a long time! Here's a nice sample of what he was up to this year -- as always from Holtz, there's some rockers, some ballads, and it's all cool stuff:

"She's Not A Slow Song Girl":

Download "She's Not A Slow Song Girl"

"Never Coming Back":

Download "Never Coming Back"

"Anna's On A Run":

Download "Anna's On A Run."


Download "Yada-Yada."

"Low, Slow, & Mellow":

Download "Low, Slow, & Mellow."