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Saturday, February 10, 2018


An hour and a half of new rock'n'roll, vinyl obscurities, and more. Listen above, or dl/stream
at iTunes or any fine podcast app.

Doctor Nod: “DYWTBIMF?” (DYWTBIMF? b/w My TV Set, 2018)
The Psychotic Monks: “It’s Gone” (Silence Slowly and Madly Shines, Custom Made Music, 2017)
The Morelings: “We Were” (Same Century, Custom Made Music, 2017)
Billy Hutch His Harmonica and Orchestra: “Eefin-Nanny Monkey”
(Eefin-Nanny Down Home, Time Records, 1960)
Huey Smith and His Clowns: “Pop-Eye” (Pop-Eye/Scald-Dog 7”, Ace Records, 1961)
Bobby Sherman: “La La La (If I Had You)” (Bobby Bobby Bobby,
Metromedia Special Products, 1971, originally released 1969)
The Great Dismal Swamis: “Box Wine Bitches” (Phantom Tollbooth 7”, RZO Records, 2014)
T. Rex: “Raw Ramp” (Bang A Gong (Get It On)/Raw Ramp 7”, Reprise Records, 1971)
John Wayne: “The Good Things” (America, Why I Love Her, RCA, originally release 1973)
Public Enemy: “Fight The Power” (Fight The Power Extended Version, Motown, 1989)
Beethoven: “III - Scherzo: Allergro vivace”
(Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat Major, Op. 55 “Eroica”, The Cleveland Orchestra George Szell Conductor,
Columbia Odyssey, 1978)
Wah!: “The Wind-Up” (Nah=Poo - The Art of the Bluff, Eternal, 1981)
The Paper Chase: “I’m Gonna Spend The Rest of My Life Lying” (Hide the Kitchen Knives,
Southern Records, 2002)
Milk Teeth: “Vitamins” (Sad Sack, 2015)
Los Panchos: “Perfidia” (Mexican Holiday, Tico Records, originally released sometime
between 1948 and 1956)
The Ahmad Jamal Trio: “Squeeze Me” (The Ahmad Jamal Trio, Epic, 1956)
Lani Laurens and His Royal Polynesians: “Hawaiian Girl”
(Lani Laurens at Waikiki Beach, Spin-O-Rama, originally release sometime in the 1960s)
Jimmy Smith: “Dirty Roosta Booga” (I’m Gon’ Git Myself Together, MGM, 1971)
Violence Creeps: “Amber Alert (Underwater Edition)” (Ease The Seed Bag, 2017)
The Bordellos: “For A Hit” (The Bordellos Underground Tape 11, 2018)
Chow, Billy: “Elvis Was A Hillbilly (When He Was Alive)” (Flamethrower EP, 2018, originally released 1990s-early 2000s?)