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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Do you think your world is real?

Recently saw Guided By Voices and Dirty Projectors live. Both were great shows. Got a Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks show coming up. I wish I woulda caught the Breeders.

The Toys That Made Us is a fun and informative show on Netflix. It's a documentary about toys. And Conan Exiles is a bitchin survival game, I've been playing it on Steam. I've also been playing the first Pillars of Eternity, which has been out for a while, but just in case you missed, it, what a great game. If you're into D&D isometric games, this game so far has set a bar. It's made by the same company who put out Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale.

I've been working on a new Occult Character album for Small Bear Records, and of course Bitmoji Waves is live over on the Metal Postcard bandcamp page. I don't have any musical training and I'm tone deaf, but I still got that music inside me bro. And that's all Occult Character is. I just think, "what would Wesley Willis do?" and I go from there.

I'm due for a CNQ podcast but damn if I don't want to do it.

Helmet's playing here in the D tomorrow and I'd love to see 'em, but it's in the middle of the day, outside show and that's some hot shit. It's 104 degrees every day in East Texas, until late September.

Here's some new stuff from Bandcamp I think is cool:

Lo-fi from Michigan:

This is just what I'm into. A three piece from California: